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Vacationing Without The Kids

Vacations with your children can promote family bonding, create lasting memories and enrich your kids’ lives with new experiences and interesting adventures. There are times, however, when you and your significant other need to get away. A trip for just the two of you will help you take a mental break from the responsibilities of being parents, completely relax and keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Wine Tasting

Put away the sippy cups and head to a picturesque vineyard where you can experience tours that allow you to try different types of wine that you’ve never sampled before. United States vacation spots in locations such as Napa or Sonoma Valley, CA, and Willamette Valley, OR, also feature enough luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, and gorgeous landscapes to turn the trip into a relaxing break. If you’re able to go international, consider Tuscany, Italy; Bordeaux, France or Porto in Portugal where you can also experience the historic museums, architecture and local culture.

Gambling Excursions

Spend some time with the over-21 crowd by hitting a casino with your significant other. If you’ve taken so many trips to Las Vegas that you’ve memorized the layout of every hotel on the strip, consider a different venue to get some gambling in. Native American gaming has grown throughout the United States with not only casinos but also four-star resorts, world-class dining, and full-service spas on the grounds to offer you a well-rounded getaway. You can also take some weekend cruises to the Bahamas on the high seas that feature not only games of chance, but also Broadway-style productions, movies, athletic events, and shore excursions.


You’ve most likely spent plenty of time on the beach with your children, but this time you can truly relax. Since you won’t have to spend your days chasing your kids around the sand, you can enjoy activities such as parasailing, paddle boarding and hitting the spa with your spouse. You might also consider a couples-only resort that features accommodations with private pools, fire pits, ocean views, and butler service. The adults-only environment will allow you to catch some rays on uncrowded beaches, enjoy a drink and read a book in total peace and quiet — just don’t forget to follow common sun safety rules to ensure you don’t burn.

Amusement Parks

Although you may consider a trip to a theme park something that you’d solely do with the kids, experiencing the locale on your own can be an entirely different world. Enjoy all the thrill rides without worrying about height restrictions, stand in line for the shows without complaints about tired feet and browse through the shops looking for souvenirs just for yourself. Once you’ve worked your way through all of the typical activities, move onto the places that are truly for adults – visit the bars that serve drinks and appetizers that match the park’s motif, dine in one of its high-end restaurants or go back to the hotel and enjoy a spa treatment or dip in the pool.

Meditation Retreat

Reconnect as a couple on a journey that will also help you re-energize yourself. Find a national or international mountain retreat where you can practice mindfulness through meditation and contemplative arts. Some locations alternate quiet sessions with moving reflection that you achieve while hiking, bicycling or snowshoeing, for example. You can also enjoy picturesque views and indulgent yet healthy food, as many facilities offer world-class, farm-to-table dishes. Consider booking an all-inclusive package which will include accommodations, sessions, activities, spa sessions, and meals.

You don’t have to feel guilty about taking a vacation without your children in tow. Spending time as a couple will help you recharge and return home feeling invigorated and even more bonded than before you left. The separation can even benefit your kids, as staying with family members or friends without mom and dad around will give them a newfound sense of independence that will be of value to them in the long run.



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