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4 Reasons you should visit Norfolk this Winter

2020 has seen the rise of the domestic staycation. Being unable to travel overseas, we’ve instead looked to explore what the British Isles has to offer. And it turns out that there are quite a few gems to be unearthed, and that Norfolk offers more than its fair share of them! It’s easy to get around, too; take a train from Ely to King’s Lynn and you can be there in thirty-five minutes.

There are also plenty of campsites around Norfolk for those who want to travel in a motorhome. A motorhome means you don’t have to source a hotel during your visit and can easily travel to different locations for activities. Just remember to pack your drivers license and motorhome insurance papers as well as all your essentials.

Let’s take a look at some of what the county has to offer, and why you might make a visit this winter.

The Food

The local grub in this corner of the country is difficult to beat. The coastal location means plenty of fresh-caught lobsters, mackerel and oysters, while the farming conditions are unique, with fertile fens providing plenty of tasty fruit and veg. There are two single-star Michelin restaurants to consider: The Neptune, in Hunstanton, and Morston Hall in Morston.

The Beaches

If you’re planning a trip to this part of the country, then there’s no reason not to include a few strolls along the many beaches available. Depending on the state of the tide, there are around ninety miles of coast to walk along, including several huge beaches. Even during winter, these places are worth visiting, not least because the crowds are that little bit sparser. Holkham Beach is especially worth considering, having been repeatedly named the best in Britain.


For birdwatchers, Norfolk is something of a must-visit spot. This is owing to the sheer variety of species that make their way here, and to the open landscape which allows intrepid watchers to catch glimpses of all of them. Some of these birds are only to be found in Norfolk; some of them you might recognise instantly. Winter is a time of migration for many bird species, so if you want to see certain migratory spectacles, you’ll need to come at this time of year.

The History

The county has hosted many of the events that have shaped the nation. It was here that the Romans first encountered the Iceni, and Queen Boudicca, and it was from here that famous figures like Horatio Nelson originated. You’ll find a slew of stately homes, historic churches and interesting ruins in Norfolk – not to mention an amazing Norman Cathedral. If you’ve got an eye for history, you might easily find several dozen distractions here – cramming them into a single weekend might be difficult!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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