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9 Best Home Office Video Conferencing Services | WFH Products

This article showcases our top picks for the best home office video conferencing services. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Hamna Amjad from Gun Made

Zoom has been working perfectly for us as it makes it extremely easy for us to record the meetings without using any external app. You can easily collaborate with your team members using screen-sharing, file sharing, and other interactive features. It is a secure platform with password protection and availability of waiting rooms.


This product was recommended by David Bell from CountryVPNs

ClickMeeting is ideal for those who want to have webinars in addition to video conferences. We have used it in the past to host online courses, training sessions, and for product demonstrations.The tool we are using for teleconferencing is clickmeeting. As our team is using it and we have used other teleconferencing tools like Zoom, go to meeting too, I would recommend clickmeeting to be the best teleconferencing tool to use for online meetings. I suggest it because it is loaded with a number of useful features. Using it, you can share your screen, you can play videos and slideshows, and can even let other participants take control of the mouse to explore the interactive display. It helps participants of a meeting to participate through question/answer sessions and live polls. It is very easy to integrate analytical tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on it. To me, clickmeeting is a complete package as a teleconferencing service and I consider it the best we have out there in the market.


This product was recommended by Hamna Amjad from Gun Made

GoToMeeting has no time-limit for meetings and can integrate easily with various systems your team is using. It also has cloud collaboration which makes it much more than a conferencing tool. The best thing is its mobile-friendliness, you can set up and start a conference right from your smartphone.

Facebook Live

This product was recommended by Veronica Dailey from Mompreneur

Although most tend to assume web-conferencing for businesses should be conducted on Zoom or another site, a lot of people push aside social media as a form of web conferencing. However, this article talks about the pros of using Facebook Live or another social media live platform to boost your business and how to use them. These social media livestreams allow businesses to interact with their customers in real time, and they can be conducted from home – perfect for stay-at-home orders.

GoToConnect Software

This product was recommended by Karl Armstrong from EpicWin App

The video conferencing software that I recommend is GoToConnect. What I like about GoToConnect are its versatility and functionality. It offers a wide range of features, and you can use it as cloud-based or as a desktop application. GoToConnect accommodates up to 250 meeting participants on its video conferencing, which enables enterprises to have a more unified communication. Aside from the ability to do video conferences, GoToConnect Software also has the features for a PBX call routing system, screen share, conference calling and recording, and call center features, among many others. It’s on par with leading software in the market today such as Zoom, but not in terms of the price range. Compared to Zoom, GoToConnect is affordable.

8×8 Video Meetings

This product was recommended by Anh Trinh from GeekWithLaptop

8×8 video meetings is a free video conferring software with tons of impressive features. The free version allows for unlimited meetings and integrations to third-party software as well as integrations to browser extensions from Google, Firefox, and other browsers. The paid version allows for speech to text transcription, real-time captions, and other useful features that will make your meetings more convenient.

Google Suite

This product was recommended by James Miller from Minuteman Review

Google Meet is the video conferencing software included in the Google Suite package. The unique thing about this software is that developers created this with a business set-up in mind. Because of that, everything is cloud-powered for a more secure and reliable experience. With the perfect blend of GSuite applications and features, the price point is already a steal since it offers the best value for money compared with other video conferencing software.

CyberLink U Meeting

This product was recommended by Darrin Giglio from PvtEyes

The charm of the CyberLink U Meeting is its simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand. If you compare its navigation design with other video conferencing software, boomers and other older people would prefer this over others. Because of that, this is perfect for teams with elderly employees. Another exciting feature of this software is its ‘PerfectCam’ feature, which applies a filter on your camera to make you look more presentable for a virtual discussion. For working from home-set-ups, professionals tend to forget to pay attention to their grooming, and this software is an effortless way of making yourself look more pleasing without any effort.


This product was recommended by Gabriel Engel from Rocket.Chat

While coronavirus has made applications like Zoom and Skype popular for team meetings, it also exposed serious privacy issues and security problems. Rocket.Chat’s video chat feature, for example, addresses such concerns with end-to-end encryption while in a videoconference and on-prem or private cloud installs make it one of the most secure ways of communication. It can also be customized in order to be GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant.

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