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Small Heaters Ideal For Home Offices – Supporting UK Businesses

UK Based Small Heater Companies

If you like to keep your Home Office toasty then these are the small heaters from UK based businesses for you. These reliable and stylish heaters will fit right in in your home office and won’t take up too much storage space in the summer. Take a look below.

Pro Breeze® 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

This product was recommended by Albert Lee from Home Living Lab

This heater is capable of producing great heat output despite its extremely compact size. It has a high heat setting that runs on 2000W that can comfortably heat up a medium to large room. It runs on a combination of radiative and convective heating which provides you fast heating and also even heating in the room. The best of both worlds. The compactness of this heater also allows easy storage during the warmer months.

Duronic HV101 radiant convector heater

This product was recommended by Jeremy Owens from Seriously Smoked

This heater boasts a proprietary heating panel developed by Duronic to heat up as fast as 60 seconds. Users would take delight in knowing that the 60-second heat-up time overshadows the 20-minute wait time of traditional oil radiator heaters. However, the best part about this heater is not its feature but its economical price point at around $92.

Delonghi Convector Heater

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

One of the best brands for portable electric heating name-checked by Bennett is De’Longhi, an Italian small appliance manufacturer founded in 1902.

Lasko 100 My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater

This product was recommended by M. Ammar Shahid from SuperHeroCorp

Enjoy year-round personal Heat with the Lasko compact My Heat personal heater. My Heat is made with safe ceramic elements. It is small enough to fit in tight spaces and runs in money-saving 200 watts. The ETL listed space heater includes a built-in safety feature with a three years limited warranty and arrives in fully assembled. My Heat ensures ease of use. Stay warm at any time anywhere with this small size heater.

AMOS 9-Fin 2000W Office Heater

This product was recommended by John Bedford from Vivaflavor

I use this AMOS heater in our garden office. These work environments tend to be roasting hot at the height of summer, freezing in the depths of winter, and always somewhere in between at other times. This is a cost-effective model that has just enough tweakable settings to hit a comfortable temperature for the colder months. I prefer oil radiators as they hold their heat better, and are more energy efficient. You’ll want to switch it on half an hour or so before heading into the office though.

De’Longhi Dragon 4 TRD40820T Oil Filled Radiator

This product was recommended by Kate Diaz from Swanky Den

This heater can provide your home office with a comfortable atmosphere to help you become even more productive. What makes this extra special is that it creates a chimney effect that circulates the cold air through its housing to keep your room warm at all times. It also heats the air faster in comparison to a conventional oil-filled radiator. Additionally, it produces a total heat output of 2kW combined with 3 switchable heat levels. This means that you can set your room’s thermostat to regulate automatically to your preferred temperature. Aside from this, the Dragon 4 also features a 24-hour mechanical timer, an overheat safety cut-out mechanism, anti-frost functionality, and cable storage. On top of that, it has an aesthetically pleasing, uncluttered design, which will give your home office a refined and harmonious style.

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator

This product was recommended by Katie Miils from Poshh

It takes a bit of time to get going, but once it does it’s powerful enough to heat a small office very capably. If you have a bigger room (unlike me), there are bigger versions of this product. You can switch it on when you’re getting ready to start the day and then when you are good to go, you can turn off the main heating (if it’s just you in the house) and this will keep your office at a comfortable temperature without running up big heating bills. What I really like about it is that it’s quiet enough that you can still hear yourself think. As a bonus, the wheels and cord storage make it easy enough to tidy away at the end of the day or you can move it to another room. Certainly happy with mine

Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater

This product was recommended by Goutham Narayan from AndroidFist

The device is not heavy and therefore easy to hang up. And the radiator is excellent. Once turned on it heats a room in no time. It quickly warms up even a larger room. If you use it without a timer, you just set the temperature and you’re done. In addition to the fact that it is programmable and equipped with brackets to attach it to the wall, it is possible to set a mode which, if the temperature drops below a certain threshold, reactivates itself to bring the room back to temperature. Great for the night! All in all, you’ll be very satisfied with it. So far I have not been able to find any negative points.

VonHaus Oscillating Tower Fan Heater

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

Oscillating Tower Fan Heater An exceptional heater that is way different than ordinary heaters. It is designed with the latest technology and an LED panel is attached on the front by which you can control it through a remote, set a timer or see other details. It requires minimal energy to operate and also has self-overheating control by which it turns off automatically when the temperature reaches beyond the limit. Two Oscillating fans can warm the room quickly and it is the best item for the low temperate regions.

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