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Keep Cosy In Your Home Office with these Comfy Socks – UK Based Businesses

Socks that are Perfect for the Office

These fun socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm while you are working from home. These socks would also make a great gift for the workaholic in your life – Take a look below.

The Office World’s Best Boss Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Knit Dress Socks

This product was recommended by Hasan from FIlm Jackets

If you’re the world’s best boss or manager and not like any narcissistic ill mannered manager, this socks if for you.

Dickies Men Dri-Tech Work Crew Socks

This product was recommended by James Kilpatrick from Beanie Coffee

I currently have about ten pairs of these men’s socks in different colors. They’re made of moisture-controlling fiber that keeps my rather sweaty feet dry so the ones I have on always stay in place. There are also tiny ventilation channels on the fabric that circulate air within the sock. They’re definitely stylish enough to wear in the office and comfortable enough to just have on while I’m working from home or writing articles for my coffee blog.

Gaiam All-Grip Yoga Socks

This product was recommended by Torben Lonne from DIVEIN

These socks by Gaiam are the perfect non-slip home office socks, allowing you to go about your daily WFH routine without slipping. Gaiam socks have excellent grip and allow you to go about your daily routine, including yoga, without worrying about slipping on any surface. Gaiam All-Grip Yoga socks are also low-cut, unisex and available in a variety of yoga-styled patterns. Overall they provide great value and performance and I would recommend them for anyone working from their home office.

Hayeabi Lightweight Slip On Home Sock Shoes

This product was recommended by Sara Skirboll from RetailMeNot’s Shopping and Trends Expert

Super lightweight and flexible just like socks, breathable and smooth upper with stretch breathable ultra light weight fabric. Gives you excellent comfort indoors. Available in 12 colors.

Tommy Hilfiger Classic Socks

This product was recommended by Zachary Weiner from Restaurant Accounting

These socks from Tommy Hilfiger boast minimal seams for a more comfortable experience. Aside from being made with 75 percent cotton, the material also contains 23 percent of polyamide for that silk-like texture and 2 percent of elastane for elasticity.

Mens and Ladies 1 Pair Plain Alpaca Socks

This product was recommended by Yasir Shamim from PureVPN

I have a pair of alpaca socks that look just like that and they’re great! I don’t like hiking in thick socks, so I’ve only used them as sleep socks. They are warmer than merino wool and have the same odor resistance as wool. I’ve been using Darn Tough Light Hiker socks for hiking in 3 season conditions and they’ve been great. I wouldn’t hike in the alpaca socks unless it was close to sub zero temperatures because I don’t like my feet to get too hot.

Pringle Waverley Argyle Patterned Socks

This product was recommended by Mike Allen from The Fashion Jacket

These are one of the comfiest socks I have worn in a long time. They’re not only best suited for work, due to their plain, yet formal appearance, but are also great for a casual day at home. I have had these for over a year now, and I still haven’t noticed any little rips and tears. I believe they are made from an exceedingly soft cotton-like material, which cuts down sweat on my feet by half, especially during an extremely hectic day at work when I’m continually running nine to five. Honestly, if someone is looking for good quality socks, I really recommend these.

Yomandamor Bambo Boot Dress Socks

This product was recommended by Bilawal Gul from Web Copywriter

Highly recommend these extremely comfortable and high-quality socks to anyone looking. I’m around 5’10, and these socks reach just over my calves, and I don’t have to pull them up constantly. They stay where I wear them all day, which in my opinion, makes them the perfect socks for work. I’m no fan of sweaty feet, especially at work, and no other socks suit me as well as these do in that department. Another great thing I noticed about them is that they have a compression pad under the arch, which significantly reduces fatigue and pain in my feet. I love these socks so much that I wear them at home too!

JamesAFlannigan My Neighbor Totoro Anime Socks

This product was recommended by Peter Head from Japanoscope

Why wear boring socks? You’re at home, no one is judging you on your footwear. Zoom and Skype only happen from the chest up. There’s really nothing stopping you from having some fun on your feet. There are a lot of fans of Japan’s Studio Ghibli produced animations. Their gorgeous, cute characters have become cult icons around the globe. And since they became streamable via Netflix, around the time the Corona pandemic started, they have reached a whole new level of popularity. So what better place to express your fandom than around your ankles with a pair of Ghibli inspired socks? In our humble opinion, the character Totoro is the king of cute in the pantheon. This pair of socks features our fluffy friend out in the fields with the child characters of Mei and Satsuki. If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself in a bright frame of mind, a pair of Ghibli animation socks will give you a constant little reminder of other worlds of beauty and magic.

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