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How to Feel Confident in Lingerie

Lingerie is made for you—no one else. Sure, you want others to see you in it but the first person who needs to love the way you look in it is you.

It’s time to explore 10 ways you can feel confident in lingerie.

Choose the best style for your body

No single body is the same. Each body has its own unique curves, form, and feel. So, not every woman will love lace or a snug-fitting garter. For some, a flattering bodysuit is more empowering, or maybe bold lingerie with fringe benefits. To feel confident in lingerie, choose the best style for your unique body. The quickest way to become insecure is to compare your body to someone else’s or choose lingerie just because someone else was wearing it. Find the sexy style that conforms to you, and play that look up as much as possible.

Dare to be bold

Garters with a thong, embroidery, demi-cups, bralettes— there are so many styles of lingerie to choose from. To feel confident, dare to think outside of your usual sleepwear, and dare to be bold. Think of theatrics, moulin rouge, and an eye-catching runway show. Lingerie is meant to help you feel empowered, so dare to wear a style that’s within your walls of confidence but might be a little bit outside of your usual comfort zone. You might be surprised to see just how much confidence you can gain from a little daring attitude.

Take photos or look in a mirror

The best way to feel confident in lingerie is to see yourself in it. When you take photos of yourself in lingerie or stare at yourself in a mirror you aren’t being vain—you’re being kind to yourself. Half the battle for most women is that they perceive lingerie to be for a certain body type or in negatively skewed lighting. In fact, the right lingerie looks good on every individual. All it takes is some getting used to. In front of a mirror, or camera, pose—over and over again. Flip your hair, purse your lips, and channel your sexy side. Do it for you, not for anyone else. Over time you will quickly come to see how comfortable you are in your own skin and your confidence will grow with each look you take.

Pamper yourself

Before you slip into sexy lingerie, pamper yourself either at home or at a spa. Set up a bubble bath. Take a long, hot shower. Put on a face mask. Do your nails. Anything that makes you feel more relaxed in your own skin—or a fluffy robe—is naturally going to bring you more confidence no matter what you wear. However, it’s understandable that lingerie can be intimidating if you aren’t fully used to it. A fresh feeling will increase your happiness before you put anything on and set the stage for your sexy self.

Run your hands on your body

Loving yourself—every inch, every roll, every curve, every imperfection—is the kindest act you can do for yourself. Run your hands all over your body in a way that pays tribute to all it gives you. Sure, you can make this a little sexy, but the key here is to gain confidence from your own form and love all of it. There are no mistakes, and you only get one body. So love the skin that you’re in and thank yourself for being so beautiful.

Love your image

After you take photos, or look in a mirror, and run your hands all over, write down all of the things you love about your body. Your hair, the way it moves, and your beautiful butt (as big or as small as it may be). To feel confident in lingerie take the time to love your image and celebrate all of it.

Get satin or silk sheets

Lingerie isn’t always meant to be used in bed, but soft satin or silk sheets can become a road to help you feel more confident in it. Once you have your lingerie on, lay in bed and roll around. Feel the softness touch your skin and notice how sexy and empowered you will feel, just being surrounded by the touch of your sheets.

Walk around in heels

Let’s hear it for the women who rock those stilettos in style. If you want to feel confident in lingerie, pair it with a pair of heels and walk around. This is good advice in the company of others, it’s an instant confidence boost on days you might be feeling bloated or just not in the mood. But to become comfortable in your lingerie, walking around in heels in your own home, alone, will make you feel like you’ve hit your own personal runway. Strut your stuff and channel your inner supermodel. Beauty is right there where you are.

Put on lipstick

While you’ve got your sassy heels on, pair them with lipstick. There’s something about lipstick that makes you feel instantly beautiful, even if you have no other makeup on. Choose a color that either matches your lingerie or your skin tone. Go back and kiss yourself in that mirror, or the polaroid you just took, or the cute person waiting for you in the other room. With lingerie, sometimes the only thing you need to accessorize is a soft kiss that will leave a mark.

Dance to good music

If Tom Cruise can dance around in his underwear, so can you. Blast whatever makes you feel you are most confident and walk around in your lingerie. Let go of expectations of what it means to be sexy because with the right lingerie on you already succeeded. Have the music move you, literally and metaphorically, as you naturally build confidence.

With these 10 tips, you’re well on your way to being your most confident self in lingerie. Now go on, beautiful.

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Written by Leigh Ann Newman

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