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5 Ways To Avoid Being A Total Loser In Front Of Your Crush

Imagine standing in front of your crush, palms sweaty, heart racing and knees shivering. You finally find the courage to talk but blurt out, “Do you think cats have their language?”

Well, you’re not alone. Many people have made a complete fool out of themselves in front of the person they deeply admire. Sometimes nothing comes out of their mouths; when it does, they mix up words. If they do manage to start talking without giving it much thought, they end up offending their crush.

Uttering absurd statements could make you look like a loser, but the loop ends here. Continue reading to avoid embarrassment and those cringe moments.

1. Be Yourself

Many people try to change themselves to impress their crush. While changing little things or bad habits to make a good impression on your crush is normal, you should not change yourself completely.

You should be who you are from the very beginning. Let your partner see your quirks, unique interests and sense of humor. Being someone you’re not will only result in an awkward conversation. Additionally, the right person will appreciate you for who you truly are.

2. Stay Respectful

While making your crush laugh can open the door to their heart for you, you need to be respectful with your approach. Use light-hearted jokes and avoid making offensive or controversial remarks.

Understanding the difference between teasing and flirting can help you be respectful toward your crush. While flirting is done with a romantic intent (and hence, maybe misunderstood or overdone), teasing is lighthearted (and fairly unemotional) jokes.

So, while making a move at your crush, ensure you don’t cross any boundaries and be respectful.

3. Listen Actively

People search for someone who can genuinely listen to them. So, blabbering about yourself won’t help your case. Engaging in a meaningful conversation and showing interest in what your crush has to say can indicate that you are genuinely interested in them.

Give them your undivided attention, and that means putting your phone aside and making eye contact. This practice will help them know that they are important to you.

4. Be Confident

Confidence is the key if you want to impress anyone, be it your crush or interviewer. Being confident can improve your body language and verbal cues.

If you are fidgeting while conversing or can’t make eye contact, it will not seem very attractive. Your confidence will act as a magnet to draw people in.

You can practice speaking in front of a mirror or else fake it until you make it. Walk in, talk smoothly and make eye contact even though you’re shaking inside.

5. Avoid Scaring Them

While confidently confessing your feelings can leave an everlasting impression, coming too strong can scare your crush away. Avoid being forceful while expressing how you feel.

Another thing that can make them uncomfortable is stalking or not giving them personal space. Acting possessive or jealous can contribute to ending things before they even start.

Start it slow, give them space and see where things go. Don’t fantasize about your future together or keep it to yourself if you do because it can create pressure, resulting in your crush thinking of you as someone creepy.


So there you have it, the ultimate guide to avoid being a total loser in front of your crush. By embracing your imperfections and practicing the above-mentioned tips, you can leave a good impression on your crush.

You can always take help from your friends to practice some open-ended questions and build up your confidence. Now is the time to discover the power of being yourself and bringing out your inner charm.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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