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4 Books On Medical Marijuana To Deepen Your Knowledge About The Drug

There’s a lot of misconception regarding the nature of cannabis. And it’s very important to get a clear understanding of what it does and doesn’t do before engaging in its recreation use.

Medical marijuana is beneficial especially to those who suffer from high levels of anxiety and stress. It provides momentary relief from the unending clutter of this complicated world. No matter if you’re just starting to try it out or already a seasoned user, it never hurts to add more knowledge to your understanding of the drug. And I have listed 4 books here to get you started on learning the finer points about medical marijuana.

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#1 The Leafly Guide to Cannabis by The Leafly Team

The Leafly Guide to Cannabis is the perfect holiday gift. Whether the recipient just learning or an avid consumer, there's something for everyone in the book written by Leafly's team of subject matter experts.

We wrote this book with both newbies and diehards in mind. In this book, there’s no such thing as a stupid cannabis question—it’ll walk you through the fundamental basics, but doesn’t end without covering advanced topics like extracts and infused cooking. It’s a fantastic way to encourage your uncle to explore his cannabis curiosities through approachable information and tutorials.

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Contributor: Renee Beck from Leafly

#2 Healing with CBD by Eileen Konieczny RN

This is a handy guide to CBD oil and its benefits that helps beginners demystify the rumors and regulations surrounding CBD oil. Written by an RN and medical marijuana advocate, Healing with CBD offers simple, straightforward answers to common questions allowing anyone to get the knowledge they need to benefit from CBD.

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Contributor: Molly Conway from Ulysses Press

#3 Marijuana Gateway to Health by Clint Werner

This is an excellent book loaded with great information for anyone who wants to learn how cannabis can help their condition. The book goes into good detail about how cannabis was used in earlier times for treatments but how it got pushed aside and demonized. It will open your mind to cannabis as a treatment alternative to harmful drugs prescribed by traditional doctors.

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Contributor: Isaac Hammelburger from Serpopolis 

#4 The Little Black Book of Marijuana by Steve Elliott

This book is rather small, but don't be fooled, it's packed with valuable information. The book covers the historical significance of cannabis alongside its various medical applications. The book not only gives you the information you need, it also serves as an index to various other sources that you can use in your cannabis studies. It's definitely a must- read and tops my list of cannabis books. The amount of info you get for the price is quite the value as well.

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Contributor: John Moore from SabaiDee 

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Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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