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Must-Have Baking Tools! All The Gear You Need To Start Baking In Style…

Cakes, cookie, doughnuts. All of these are treats that can be made at home and learning to bake is something everyone should experience!

Have you ever wanted to learn to bake like a pro? This list includes the essentials needed whether you’re a beginner, or need help setting your baking skills apart from the rest.

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#1 A quality food mixer…

A  staple in every bakers' kitchen is a top-quality food mixer. This MLITER electric food mixer comes with all the bells and whistles which include:

  • Dough hook
  • Whisk
  • Digital LCD display
  • 5 speeds
  • 6 litre jug capacity

Also comes with several important safety features.

#2 Accurate kitchen scales

Many professional bakers have the experience needed to measure a lot of ingredients by eye. For those of us that haven't quite reached that stage yet, a set of accurate kitchen scales are a must. These small, portable Vovoly Kitchen Scales (Find out more about this product: UK readers, USA readers) are perfect for baking and can be used in many other applications!

Comes with an LCD screen for easy reading and a wide plate with a 10kg capacity!

#3 Pastry Measuring Mat

Measuring dough precisely can be a difficult task, however, we've found something that we think is perfect for doing just that! This non-stick silicon pastry mat (Find out more about this product: UK readers, USA readers) is perfect for rolling out dough for pies, pastries, pizzas and more.

Made from safe materials and also comes with a rolling pin so you don't need to buy one!

#4 Cake cooling rack

Creating a 3-tiered cake is a feat in itself, but to make it a little easier, we've found this Lakeland 3-Tier cake rack (Find out more about this product: UK readers, USA readers). Made from sturdy stainless steel, and non-stick.

Save some kitchen space, and fold flat for easy storage.

#5 A piping bag

Piping bags are perfect for when you need to generate those beautiful,intricate details in icing on cakes. This Piping nozzle set for cake decorating (Find out more about this product: UK readersUSA readers)  comes with 58 pieces including-

  • 3 Re-usable piping bags
  • 4 Big stainless steel tips for bigger cakes
  • 48 Small stainless steel tips featuring different patterns

#6 Cake Decorating Turntable

Ever wonder how professional bakers make their cakes so perfect all the way around? Introducing the AckMond Cake Decorating Turntable (Find out more about this product: UK readersUSA readers). Using the tools provided, this turntable can help anyone produce gorgeous cakes in a flash!

This product comes with 2 icing spatulas and an icing smoother for that flawless finish.

#7 Baking Trays and Cake Tins

Last but not least on the list of essentials are baking trays and tins. Make sure your confections are the right size and shape with this baking set bundle, designed to meet all your needs as a beginner. Included are-

  • 1 Round baking tray
  • 1 Square baking tray
  • 1 Rectangular baking tray
  • 1 Loaf tin
  • 1 Brownie tray
  • 3 Mixing bowls
  • 3 Stirring spoons
  • Set of cookie cutters
  • Measuring cups
  • Silicon spatula

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Written by Ashlee