Fire and Fury


Fire And Fury – Learn What’s Going on in Trump’s White House

Treason allegations after a dubious meeting with Russian officials, scandalous and offensive statements, a lot of nearly-illicit allegations and to top it all – a stand-off with North Korea that could have lead to nuclear war. We all know the news stories, but if you want to find out more details about the tumultuous 2017 with Donald Trump holding the reins, as well as why is it all going down like this, Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury is the title for you.

The author of this fierce criticism on Donald Trump spent nine months in the West Wing, witnessing every little scandal unfold right under their nose, benefiting from a lot of sit-down time with senior staff members and being privileged to exclusive sources on the inside.

There are many things to love about this book.

First of all, the contents are ridden with exclusive data. We can read press releases and watch interviews all day long, but none of those sources will have gotten so close to Mr. President himself like Wolff’s best-seller. Whether we’re talking about short snippets of curious remarks by Steve Bannon, or entire blocks of text made out of insider notes and anonymous allegations, this book opens the doors of Trump’s White House, from the relationship with the Chief Strategist to the ins and outs of the Situation Room.

Secondly, the devil truly is in the details when we’re talking about Fire and Fury. Nonfiction books often feature a witty, smartly mocking tone, but they rarely get credited for it. There may be a lot of reasons for that, but considering the purpose of this book – to portray Trump as the childish, impulsive “leader” he is – they fall right into place. The style Michael employs is the perfect combination of nearly academic analysis to subtle and specific attacks.

Lastly, I love this book for how easy it is to read it. I know, you can say this about a lot of titles, but I believe this is extremely important in a book criticizing Donald J. Trump. The man is a ticking bomb of controversial, yet easy to internalize blabber, so a counter to his measure is an easy to follow, yet extensive and complex analysis, which Wolff pulls off with grace.

So where does Fire and Fury fall short?

There may be a well – hidden, truly inspiring merit to Donald Trump; a key trait of his we’re all missing that justifies his presence in the White House. But you’re not going to find that merit in this book.

Not to be interpreted as me saying that this book is not objective, far from it. Wolff never religiously stands his ground against a red – herring portrayal of Donald Trump, it’s just that you will never find an excuse for his mistakes or a well-supported justification for his shortcomings. It’s clear what this book is: a well written, well-researched conglomerate of what we hate about Donald Trump, supported by privileged information from people inside Trump’s cabinet.

Fire and Fury is not an encyclopedia that gathers chronological data about Trump’s 2017, nor is it a liberal propaganda piece. Michael Wolff’s title is a book with flow, witty remarks and a whole bunch of exclusive and privileged information about the man 300 million people (or at least some of them) call their President.

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    • Hey Nathaniel,
      Thanks a lot for your appreciation, it really means a lot.
      Other than that, you’re doing well on your shipment time.
      I read the book on kindle, but ordered a hard cover copy as well. That was two weeks ago, still didn’t made it to Romania.

      Have a good one,
      Porutiu Theodor Aron.

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