The Janson Directive – A Page -Turner To The End

A long novel, a complex plot – and a page turner to the end!

Janson is a killing machine – we don’t have to like him – but we do take his side in this exciting story, following – or not- through the twists and turns of a Ludlam thriller. Well written with a clear, easy and flowing style, but sometimes just a little too long. However, there were characters sketched in to lighten the read and provide some tongue-in-the-cheek humour.

Robert Ludlum
Robert Ludlum

I found I was drawn into the book – and the violent scenes were too explicit for comfort. However, the author certainly appears to have a detailed knowledge of guns and the horrifying effects the bullets have on the human body. It’s always good to write about what you know! But, for me, I thought this aspect was overdone.

However, the plot was well thought out and kept me wanting to read on. There a was very little sex – its absence was a huge plus for me. I did find the hero’s tone rather patronising to his female sidekick, but, it’s that kind of hero I guess.

This graphic book really is a page-turner with a strong and complex storyline, and while I wasn’t too sorry when I came to the end – I did enjoy the read (most of it).

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The Janson Directive was a superb (can’t put the book down) read. Fairly complicated in certain sections but very intelligently written. The only thing that should be altered is it says that the Chevrolet Corvette they drove was steel, and that year they are glass-fibre.
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Written by Liz H

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