Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive (14/27)

The book summarises insight from consumer psychology research and offers practical takeaways all companies or non-profits can use in their marketing. It is based on Robert Cialdini’s seminal work on influence and provides straight-forward takeaways about their practical implications. I have been using it in my marketing classes for years. Students love the insight while they take the class but also, more importantly, report that they remember and apply the material in their jobs long after the class is over. 

Contributor: Vassilis Dalakas, PhD | LinkedIn | Twitter

Company: California State

About: Vassilis Dalakas is a marketing professor and Chair of the Department of Marketing at Cal State University San Marcos.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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