Wood-Worx Co. | Precision Cut Eyewear (5/18)

Wood-Worx Co. | Precision Cut Eyewear

Wood-Worx Co. deliver precision cut eyewear that has been crafting using only eco-friendly materials. With a mission in mind, the founders of Wood-Worx have set out to disrupt the absurd norm of retail markup with their online based business..but that’s not all they have done.

Wood-Worx Co. is also dedicated to making a difference in the life of others. Because of that, Wood-Worx has partnered with a non-profit organization in hopes to help restore vision around the world. For every pair of sunglasses claimed, Wood-Worx Co. donated three pairs of reading glasses to individuals in developing countries who have impaired vision.

Life is short my friends. Come along and join Wood-Worx Co. on this journey and help make a difference.

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