Classic Skating Socks (6/18)

Classic Skating Socks

Why We’re Making Socks

At a time when hate and negativity surround us, Roller Skating is far more than just music and dancing. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s a subculture that serves as an escape from the rough world we live in. Roller Skating is synonymous with the classic Disco-era, and we want to create a pair of socks that individuals can wear to represent the Classic Skating passion.

What Will The Funds Do?

Our backers will make it possible for us to begin the meticulous creation and production of a high quality Polycotton sock that will remind you of the classic Disco-era. These will be one-of-a-kind socks made specifically for Roller Skating, with a combination of breathable (and super comfortable!) polyester and cotton fibers.

Available in black or white.

Pledge Here on Kickstarter

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