Wilde Vertigga Boots (3/16)

These boots will make you look stylish no matter what you are wearing because the asymmetric cut flatters any shorts or pants. The beauty of this pair is that it’s a conversation starter as people always stop to admire them. Wilde Vertigga’s collection fuses asymmetrical shapes with modern silhouettes featuring coats, boots, suits, and dresses. Each piece encourages a new way of thinking about clothes and an unparalleled path to self-expression. Wilde Vertigga pulls inspiration from Japanese minimalist design, focusing on the importance of lines, form, space, light, and materials. Wilde Vertigga’s ethos is to translate these elements into garments that are harmoniously elegant and thought-provoking, exploring new ways of using materials, colors, and shapes.

Contributor: Keren Brown from vertigga.com

Written by James Metcalfe

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