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What’s the Difference Between Virgin Hair and Remy Hair?

Have you used hair extensions? Do you know about hair extensions? As more and more people use hair extensions. The following article will introduce you to the different qualities of hair extensions.

Now the common quality hair extension is Synthetic Hair, Remy Hair, and Virgin Hair three different quality hair extensions. There are also a handful of brands with the highest quality hair Full Circle Virgin+ Hair.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

The biggest advantage of Synthetic Hair Extensions is that they are very cheap. If you only need to use it for a short time, maybe you can consider synthetic hair. It is hair extensions made of synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair cannot be heat treated. Too high temperatures will melt the hair. The duration of use is about 2-4 weeks. I don’t recommend this product if you are very prone to allergies. Because the chemicals in synthetic hair can cause your scalp to itch.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Extensions are made from real human hair. Compared with Virgin Hair, the price of remy hair extensions is also relatively cheap. The longest use time can be more than three months (Of course, you need to know the correct hair extensions care method). The raw materials of Remy hair come from different sources. After different production processes, the cuticles of the hair will be damaged to varying degrees, and about 80% of the cuticles will be retained. The hair is soft, smooth, and easy to use.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Extensions are made of real human hair. At present, many brands regard it as the highest quality hair, so the price is not dominant. But the usage time of virgin hair is about 8-10 months. Virgin Hair is unprocessed human hair. Its raw material is the hair that has not been chemically treated with any perming, dyeing, bleaching, etc. The hair comes from one or two donors, which ensures that 90 % of the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction. So when you buy Virgin Hair, the hair you receive is still of high quality. Intact cuticles help hair reduce moisture loss. Hair is rarely tangled and dry.

Full Cuticle Virgin+ Hair Extensions

Full Cuticle Virgin+ Hair is the highest quality hair extensions. Also made from real human hair. Few brands are quitting Virgin+ Hair due to its high price. Currently, the product is available at Ugeat Hair. Due to the high price, there are currently discounts of up to 70% to promote this type of product. It can be used for more than 12 months.

All Virgin+ hair is obtained directly from a healthy human head and 1 donor. Virgin+ Hair refers to hair with all cuticles intact and completely free of flaking. They are the highest quality hair extensions. Virgin+ hair extensions are sourced from healthy adult hair. Few special treatments are required in the production process. Hair has the most intact cuticles. Such high quality, so his price is also the most expensive.

At Last

The price gap between hair extensions made from human hair and synthetic hair is huge. How to tell if the hair extensions you bought are real hair? Let me tell you the most common and easiest methods.

Distinguish synthetic hair from real hair by the way it burns. Synthetic hair feels like plastic and has an unnatural sheen, and when you burn it, the hair melts like plastic, shrinking together. When burning real human hair, there will be a hissing sound and the burning ashes will become fluffy.

Hope this informative article can help you. To give you the most help when choosing hair extensions.

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