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Conquer The World With These Great Women’s Travel Shoes

Combining the worlds of fashion and comfort can be a headache at the best times when it comes to shoe choice, but this dilemma enters a whole new playing field when it comes to travelling. With the latest technologies and materials however, we can explore some of the newest and most exciting ranges right from the comfort of our own home.

We spoke to several experts in the world of both fashion and travelling for their own accounts on what makes the perfect women’s travel shoe

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#1 Veldskoen

Did you know that the first desert boot design was taken from South Africa's iconic shoe, called the Veldskoen. Veldskoen were first made in the 17th century. The name Veldskoen (pronounced FELL-skoons) comes from Afrikaans meaning field shoe and is based on the traditional Khoisan (indigenous peoples of Southern Africa) footwear observed by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa.

Easy to make, lightweight and extremely tough wearing the Veldskoen could withstand the harsh conditions of the great migration north. Since those days the Veldskoen (or much easier to say - vellie) has become a huge part of South African and Namibian society, worn by all classes and professions.

Contributor: Angela from

#2 Rothy’s Flats


I travel FT as a digital nomad who is in year 5 on the road.  I’ve gone through a lot of shoes but the best ones I’ve found for being comfortable, stylish, and durable are my Rothy’s Flats. As someone who has spent thousands of dollars on flats that haven’t worked, these have blown my mind.

They’re light enough to pack but comfortable enough to wear on the plane. You can toss them in the washing machine when they get dirty or easily wear them to walk 14 miles in any major city (like London or Paris or NYC
based on personal experience.)

I wouldn’t recommend hiking in them but anything short of that is fine. I’ve been caught in rainstorms, gone to super fancy dinners, and paired them with everything from a nice dress to cutoff shorts with no problem. They’re stylish, versatile, and comfortable.

Contributor: Amna Shamim from AmnaShamim and @amnashamimnyc

#3 Wilde Vertigga Boots

These boots will make you look stylish no matter what you are wearing because the asymmetric cut flatters any shorts or pants. The beauty of this pair is that it's a conversation starter as people always stop to admire them. Wilde Vertigga’s collection fuses asymmetrical shapes with modern silhouettes featuring coats, boots, suits, and dresses. Each piece encourages a new way of thinking about clothes and an unparalleled path to self-expression. Wilde Vertigga pulls inspiration from Japanese minimalist design, focusing on the importance of lines, form, space, light, and materials. Wilde Vertigga’s ethos is to translate these elements into garments that are harmoniously elegant and thought-provoking, exploring new ways of using materials, colors, and shapes.

Contributor: Keren Brown from

#4 Skechers Microblast

This sneaker can take you from morning to night. They’re cute and comfortable. They won’t take any time for you to break them in. They are very flexible with great arch support. Not only are they sold for an affordable price but they can be washed either by hand or machine.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from 

#5 UGG Sammy Sneaker

These sneakers come in leather and suede. UGG is known for their comfortable shoes, and these do not disappoint. The top of the shoe is made from a breathable knit fabric and come in six different colors. It has a rubber sole and has pure wool in the heel. You won’t ever want to take these off.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from 

#6 April Parker Flats

April Parker, a military veteran, former defense and aerospace executive, mother of six and designer of “The Perfect Flats”. April says: "they came to mind when it occurred to me that women should not have to suffer in discomfort and risk injury just to look beautiful, professional and also be taken seriously in the world."

The Perfect Flats by April Parker can be customized with interchangeable magnetic emblems, to let you change your shoes’ appearance to fit any outfit and every occasion, as well as combining comfort and technology. They are sold with a coordinating leather clutch; each design perfectly matches the shoes. The clutch can not only be used to store shoes, but also features stylish and functionality for everyday use.


#7 Chloe Scalloped Lauren Flats

While I was traveling, we had many busy days exploring the city and then heading straight out to dinner right after. I needed a shoe that looked stylish, was comfortable to be in all day and looked appropriate for a nice dinner-- and these Chloe scalloped Lauren flats were it! An added bonus is that they were super lightweight to pack so didn't weight down my suitcase!

Contributor: Cassandra Sethi from Next Level Wardrobe

#8 Soludos Sneakers

The shoes I can't live without are Soludos sneakers. I probably travel at least once a month to locations ranging from the Caribbean to Europe and can't leave home without them. They are so comfortable but still stylish so when I am out an about doing property inspections and site visits my feet aren't barking lolo and I still look good.

Contributor: Courtnie Nichols from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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