Weigos™ Weighted Performance Leggings (13/26)

Weigos Weighted Performance Leggings


Based outside of Philadelphia in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we are a unique group of designers that develop health and fitness apparel. As an extension of our current product line, we have developed a revolutionary line of weighted performance leggings, Weigos™, used for strength training.


Weigos™ are weighted performance leggings designed to enhance your workout by adding weight to the body during strength training and conditioning.  Weigos™ can be worn during activities such as running, cycling, pilates, weight lifting, and various other forms of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.  Our leggings are made for indoor and outdoor use with thinner leggings available for warmer temperatures and thicker leggings available for colder temperatures.  Additionally, we have above the knee leggings perfect for activities such as cycling!


Our patent-pending Weigos™ incorporate small pockets of weight strategically sewn into the outer portion of the leggings.  Our smallest size is just over two pounds of added weight, with each size increasing by approximately .2 lbs.  The minimal and evenly distributed weight is just enough to act like an extra layer of skin allowing you to work out with more flexibility than the current weighted gear, which often unevenly weighs the body down on one side or the other.

Written by CurativeOrtho

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