Make 100 Coyote Child Enamel Pins (12/26)

Coyote Child Enamel Pins

The Coyote Child evolved out of a doodle during my Monday Morning Monster sketch series in 2011. He was born in a barn and raised by coyotes. He creates destruction because he doesn’t know any better, but he means well and hopes to be forgiven.  At art shows, people come tell me that he looks like their cat, or their dog or their toddler. They tell me he’s cute and that he’s ugly, and often they need an art print to take home. Sometimes they don’t know why.    I’m making an enamel pin of the Coyote Child with the help of Kickstarter’s Make 100 event this month. Art prints need frames and glass (so breakable!) and a lot of wall space, but a cloisonné pin fits almost anywhere. A small, portable and appealingly shiny pin is a great way to make the Coyote Child part of your day.  Thanks for your support!Heather Hudsonaka Studio Wondercabinet

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