Viva Kita Fusion (3/5)

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Ever hear the expression, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? The Viva Kita Fusion is a testament to big things coming in small packages! Beloved by many for it’s small size and comfortable grip, the Viva Kita Fusion appeals to many simply due to not looking like a traditional e-cig.

The Fusion, despite it’s small stature, boasts an impressive 1500mAh, which is fortunate as it’s definitely a more powerful machine than those we’ve already looked at. Once again featuring only a single button, it has three distinct power outputs: 30W, 40W and an all-powerful 50W option! But don’t be afraid of it’s thunder, the Fusion comes fitted with seriously impressive 0.2ohm coils. This is extremely low, and while usually I wouldn’t recommend such a powerful device to a vaping newbie, the Fusion has one of the smoothest, cough-free inhales of any e-cig I’ve tried!

Another thing to note about the Viva Kita Fusion is it’s internal tank. The number one cause of e-cig breakage is people dropping the unit and the tank’s glass smashing. As well as this, a badly constructed tank is likely to result in e-juice leakage and sticky fingers. Viva Kita solved both of these problems by making the tank internal, so you can just take off the lid, pour in your juice and you’re ready to go!

Viva Kita are aware that 1500mAh is only so much power for those who want a consistent 50W output, so they’ve cleverly installed power-protection software which causes your unit to switch itself off after being unused for 10 minutes. This solves a one of the main reasons for electronic-cigarette frustration: no power!

Written by Aiden Aitken

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