Innokin EZ.WATT (2/5)

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A step-up, now, with another Innokin device. The EZ.WATT offers everything the T18 does, but is able to boast a number of extra features. The battery is of a considerably higher capacity, clocking in at 1500mAh. This not only gives you greater peace of mind as to your battery’s lifespan, but also permits you to explore some of the EZ-WATT kit’s extra features.

Once again designed for the new vaper, the EZ.WATT features no complex displays or modes of operation. What it CAN do, however, is allow you to increase the power output with the click of a button at the base of the unit. Programmed with six distinct levels of wattage output, the lowest option is a very moderate and undemanding 13 watts, while the higher end of the scale boasts an impressive 35!

The EZ.WATT kit is ideal for the forward thinking vaper: there are two different strengths of coil available for the device, each offering a unique experience. One is a 1.5ohm variant, much like in the T18 we described above. The other is 0.8ohms, and this is a whole new game!

See, when an e-cig’s coil registers less than 1.0ohms, it is referred to as a ‘sub-ohm’ device, with the wire in the coil being of a material that has a low level of electrical resistance. Tech-noise out of the way, this simply means that more power flows through the coil and results in more e-liquid being vaporised, which in turn leads to bigger clouds!

This is a really good device for those who want to experiment with the world of vaping, and with a 35 watts power option you can confidently screw the tank of a friend’s exclusively sub-ohming device onto your unit to get a feel for the larger world of vaping.

Written by Aiden Aitken

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