Three notable places to visit while in Qatar (8/9)

  1. Visit the Museum of Islamic Art. This is an incredible experience before you walk into the door.
  2. Visit the Souq Waqif. I recommend this destination right around dusk, especially if you are visiting during Ramadan. You never know what kind of entertainment you will find and it is very enjoyable to smoke hookah with new local friends. Expect to spend several hours at dinner with your new friends.
  3. Take a tour at the Villaggio Mall. You will be amazed at the indoor amusement park, ice-skating rink and boat rides.

While you are touring all these attractions be aware of several things that could get you in trouble with the locals, or even authorities.

  • Do not take pictures of the palace.
  • Do not show the bottom of your feet/shoes to anyone.
  • When making contact with others, or even handing someone something, use your right hand.

Contributor: Robert Otto Ottinger


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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