Make sure your passport is not in a separate location then your wallet (7/9)

What a traveler in Qatar needs to watch out for is protecting their passports. American passports are worth a lot of money in the Middle East and can easily be stolen. An American is easily identifiable in Qatar.

Many U.S. Travelers keep their wallet with their credit cards separate from their passport. Psychologically we guard our wallets with our life, therefore, the passport should be in the same holder. There are special passport wallets that allow you to slide your passport into the wallet with the credit cards so everything is together.

Make sure the wall has ID Theft protection because there are devices used especially in the Middle East where a professional criminal or intelligence officer from another country can walk by and use the device to steal all of your credit card information. It is critical to have the ID protection which is a magnetic type shield that prevents someone from doing this.

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