Eat Your Heart Out (9/9)

Qatar is a multicultural hub with people from all over the world gathering to live and work in the city-state. The result is a culinary diversity you’d find in New York or London.

The Spice Market

One of the best places to get sushi in the city is at the W hotel Doha, nestled in the city’s business district. A funky atmosphere and offerings from sushi to Indonesia noodles or samosas make this an Asian food lover’s delight.


For those who like a more casual dining experience – that doesn’t skimp on the flavor – the Korean restaurant in the middle of the city is your go-to. Whether you’d like to have beef barbequed in the grill insert of your table or sample delicacies like seaweed or salmon skin, this is a great dining experience at a bargain price.


The multi-cuisine buffet on Banana Island is worth a trip in and of itself. A dining reservation will also get you a 45-minute boat ride during which you can see the sparkling Doha skyline rise from corniche behind you.

Contributor: Mohana Rajakumar


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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