SRYSA (Siem Riep Youth Street Art) (3/20)


Uploaded by Sylvan Zylstra on 2017-11-29.

SRYSA is an art school for poor Cambodians that aims to teach practical, economically viable art skills as well as teaching children 12 and over to follow their dreams. SRYSA also plans to teach English, Science, Math, History, and Philosophy, At SRYSA we plan to use a western teaching model that encourages  participation and research as well as having local Khmer Teachers who understand the local populace and the struggles and obstacles faced by Khmer people.

Your donations will go towards the rental of a space as well as the purchase of supplies including a daily meal for the children as well as art supplies so that the children can develop a craft and computers for research. We can function on a bare bones budget, but with your help we can provide these kids with a high quality education.

The school, will also function as a business selling mural painting services and customization to the Khmer (Cambodian) community to generate revenue for the school long term as well as teach Khmer youth how to market their skills.

In the west we see the art market as a product market but in Asia the art market is more of a service market. SRYSA schools goal is to apply this perspective to the teaching of art in Cambodia in order to economically empower Cambodians. SRYSA school will offer a variety of art services to the local community in order to promote the arts in khmer culture but also to generate revenue for the school.

The average monthly income in Cambodia is $150 a month but muralists can get an average of $150 per mural, The nation is being rebuilt after the civil war so new undecorrated buildings are commonplace. Mural painting is a growth field in Cambodia. We want to provide an economic future to Cambodian kids while helping them rebuild their culture.

In Cambodia the national public schools only run until around noon so then families often take children to the local pagoda to be taught by monks (the kids hate it) if the family can not afford private english language school in the afternoon, SRYSA wants to offer the English language curriculum in a practical environment where the children can use the language in their daily life (reading, art terminology, philosophy, crtical thinking exercises)

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