The Popgoth Tarot (4/20)

The Popgoth Tarot

I wanted to make a deck that I could never find myself. I have quite a collection of decks, personally, and I love them, but what i’ve never been able to find is a deck–even a modern one–that was full of color. My goal with this tarot deck was to combine all of my accrued tarot knowledge and my artistic vision to create a truly modern deck. One that has both influences from pop culture and goth culture, as well as the occasional dash of older esoteric imagery. I wanted to make a deck that featured people of all colors, genders(or lack thereof), and sexualities (as a queer person of color making sure that there’s representation, especially within the tarot, which a lot of people just like me work with, is very important to me). When you see yourself represented in a deck, it’s easier to connect and understand. I wanted to create a deck that I–and people like me–could connect with. Along with that, i also wanted to make a deck intended for tarot spells. Colors play such an important role in magick; the right addition of color not only aids in the boosting of your focus but also evoking more potent energy to work with.

There’s only five days left and if you pledge $35 dollars you get a copy of the deck so back it before its sold out forever!!!

Written by Anthony

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