Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2/3)

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People have wanted to see this for years. Spider-Man fans have longed to see Miles Morales get his own movie since his comic debut in 2011 and it looks amazing with beautiful and incredibly stylised animation. Multiple studios were involved in the production of this film, including Marvel Animation, Marvel Entertainment and Columbia. But the inclusion of one studio in particular has me worried. Sony Pictures Animation. As if I need to remind anyone, this is the studio responsible for The Emoji Movie. For that crime alone, they shouldn’t have been let anywhere near a Marvel film but even before then, this studio’s track record has been dismal. They’ve made some good films, like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Surfs Up but unless it’s in collaboration with another studio, their films end up being pretty bad. This includes both of the terrible live action Smurf Movies and judging from their newest live action-animation hybrid, Peter Rabbit, Sony Pictures Animation does not seem to be a studio willing to learn from its mistakes. However, collaboration films seem to be exceptions from all this. Aardman Animation has collaborated with Sony Pictures Animation twice and the results were The Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists and Arthur Christmas. If Aardman can work with Sony and come out unscathed, so can Marvel. Hopefully. 

Written by Cerys Browning

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