Drive Urgency in your Writing (2/36)

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One of the most effective tactics to drive conversions through content writing is to demonstrate why the reader needs to take action quickly by driving urgency. For example, if your product is email privacy software, you could write a listicle article about the different dangers facing small businesses through email and place call-to-actions saying “secure your business’s emails” at the middle and end of the article.

The goal of driving urgency isn’t to needlessly scare readers but to make them aware of the problems that face their business, how your product can serve as a solution, and why they shouldn’t delay in utilizing it. Providing revealing statistics can also serve to drive urgency in your content writing by tangibly demonstrating the need for your product. If say, 4/10 companies experience cybersecurity risks, you can include this fact to highlight the magnitude of the problem you can solve. Anecdotal examples can also make a problem seem that much more real by vividly describing the issues other people or businesses experienced.

Contributors: Nicolas Straut from Fundera 

Written by Zak Parker

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