Content layout has a big impact on conversions (1/36)

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Content writers often think about on-page layout as a way to make posts more readable. You use lots of white space, include bullet points and lists, and bold specific phrases in the text. The main reason you do this is for skim-readers. Business people are busy, and they only need the highlights. For this reason, you also need to place your CTAs with these skim-readers in mind.

A clear CTA at the end of the introduction (or first paragraph) is a great example. Even if the reader doesn’t click immediately, they’re likely to see your offer. They keep reading with this offer in mind, and if you present it again further down the page, there’s a much better chance they convert. The most important part is to think about how your links and CTAs look in the context of the piece and make sure you use them with this in mind.

Contributors: Patrick Whatman from Spendesk 

Written by Zak Parker

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