Crowd Source — With a Secret Motive (3/34)

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Ask your social media contacts for their favorite plant-based recipes and tips. This will help in two ways: 

  1. your friends can tell you what they liked about the recipes, which will help you find some road-tested favorites that suit your needs when it comes to spice, budget, type of cuisine, and ease of preparation and 
  2. this is a quick way to figure out which of your buddies might share your goals and be ready to act as a built-in support system. 

You can follow up with anybody who offers a recipe suggestion with an offer to support each other as accountability buddies, or just to keep-in-touch and share recipes, tips, and resources that you find along your journey. Lifestyle change is always easier if you’re not doing it alone! 

Contributors: Melanie St. Ours from The Simple Guide to Natural Health

Written by Ben Skute

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