Integrate Into Diet, Not Cold Turkey (4/34)

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When starting a plant-based diet, do as much exploration as possible, but don’t forget where you came from! When changing to a plant-based diet, the first few weeks will be the hardest. They key is to integrate your plant-based diet into your routine so that it becomes second nature. However, that change doesn’t happen overnight and the period of adjustment is where many often stumble. The key to successfully adopting a plant-based diet is to make incremental changes.

The awesome part is that it is easier than ever to start a plant-based diet while still eating foods that are familiar and comfortable due to food innovation. So, if some of your favorite foods are hamburgers or poultry, go for the burger or sandwich – just make sure to use plant-based alternatives. There are many buzzworthy brands such as Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat, that are now making variants of your favorite animal products – only from plant-based sources!Rather than quit meat cold turkey, use the first few weeks to explore plant-based options of your favorite foods that you’re familiar with.

Then, as the diet becomes more comfortable, you can continue exploring all of the other alternatives in the plant-based space. Eventually, your tastes will change and you’ll find all sorts of new cravings! Ultimately, by starting small and having fun with the process, you’re much more likely to have a successful plant-based diet!

Contributors: Alfred Schofield from VitalFit Nutrition

Written by Ben Skute

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