#ACPSLLC Bookstore & Event Center (15/18)

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Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC is dedicated to leveling the playing field for #GoIndie authors across the globe. Our objective is to coordinate the “Perfect Storm to Greatness,” through the various mediums of publishing, producing, branding, formatting, promoting, marketing, blast campaign reviewing, blogging and editing functions. At our new “Brick and Mortar” facility, we will feature our conference rooms as event centers, for author’s benchmark situations, as needed.

ACPSLLC is a Christian based organization desirous of bringing positivity and innovation to the family-oriented community of Bristow, OK. As small business owners, we wish to boost the economy by enhancing the artistic goals of authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and performers; to curb delinquency in the community and augment the historic value of Route 66.

We fell in love with this 30,412 square foot historical site where we will use each square foot to enhance a life. The possibilities of other buildings on Route 66 and other pieces of open land for building a newer more modern facility have also caught our eye. The feasibility of building new vs restoring an albatross is tempting. Each link will take you to that portion of the building we are considering.  But as we move forward we will add the pictures of land where we have considered a newer modern high tech, low drag flagship.

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