Traveling with Fish … a Travel Novel by LB Sedlacek (16/18)

Traveling with Fish ... a Travel Novel by LB Sedlacek

After inheriting a cabin, a travel writer and her family move from the North Carolina mountains to the coast with their dog and fish.

Being a North Carolinian often comes with a true love for North Carolina.  One of my first and most favorite poetry chapbooks is “The Cat and the Carroll A. Deering & Other North Carolina poems.”  It contains poems all about North Carolina legends and true tales.  It was really fun chapbook to write.

“Traveling with Fish” is my travel postcard in literary form all about the NC coast near Hatteras.  It’s a story that evolves from a travel writer inheriting a fishing cabin from an acquaintance she barely knows and how she and her sons, husband, their dog and their fish all move together and adapt to life on the coast.

Written by LB Sedlacek

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