A Conversational Guide To Backcountry Equipment (14/18)

A Conversational Guide To Backcountry Equipment

People often face the frustration of using outdoor products ineffectively. We’re passionate about our pursuits, but have few meaningful ways to learn about the gear and clothing we use. In response, “A Conversational Guide To Backcountry Equipment” combines in-depth discussion with step-by-step photos, giving readers tools that maximize their outdoor comfort and fun.


The book captures nuance and explains detail in a practical way that readers can immediately use. Full-color images give visual learners easy access to complex concepts, and support the text even in relating ways of using the body to effect change in equipment. The book is not, in any way, a catalog of specific products. It is instead fashioned to help readers evaluate whatever products they might encounter, while also learning to evaluate their own needs and budget.

To contribute, learn more, or secure your copy, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/362245756/a-conversational-guide-to-backcountry-equipment

Written by Brad Groves

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