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My strategy for social media marketing on a budget is to just focus on your best channel — which for us is Facebook. And then, to just run remarketing ads, to only your past website visitors, on a CPC basis. The reasoning behind this is because social visitors tend to be higher up in the sales funnel, so you don’t want to waste time and money chasing people who aren’t even in investigation or decision mode.

By limiting your time and spending to those who have already visited your product pages, you reintroduce product only to people who are closer to the buying phase. The clicks tend to be much cheaper and the free impressions you get help to create what’s known in advertising as effective frequency — the number of ad impressions to which a prospective customer has to be exposed in order to reach the greatest likelihood of buying from you (theorists estimate this anywhere from 3 – 20 times).

Contributors: Eric Bryant from Gnosis Media Group

Written by Zak Parker

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