The Constant Outsider: Memoirs of a South Boston Mechanic (10/11)

The 1960s-80s were historic times for Boston, Massachusetts, particularly in the section known as “Southie”. Thomas Cirignano experienced it all! He expresses his story in a style that makes you feel as though you are right there by his side.

Amazon Description:

Growing up in Dorchester presented real challenges, but once Tom Cirignano took over his father’s auto repair shop in South Boston, his life became intense. Mob-enforcers, drug dealers and killers became his friends and regular customers. Tom experienced Southie’s era of extreme violence and crime first hand.

He managed to not just co-exist, but to thrive in that environment. At the shop, Whitey Bulger threatened Tom with a gun. A neighbor was gunned-down at the gas pumps. After confronting another would-be killer, that man later returned and shot Tom’s friend eleven times with a 9 Mil. At a house down the street from the shop, Whitey was killing people and burying them in the cellar.

A friendly drug dealer often tossed samples from his car window while driving past the gas pumps. Life was never dull, and Tom got himself into near-fatal situations far too often. How did Tom survive his gunpoint encounter with Whitey Bulger? Find the answer within this inspiring memoir that is tempered by amazing humor.

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Contributor: Thomas M. Cirignano

Company: The Constant Outsider

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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