67 Cents: Creation of a Killer (11/11)

By weaving real-life situations into this fictional adaptation of this memoir, Thomas Cirignano explores the alternate path in life which truly was available to him. Within 67 Cents, “Nick” says “Yes” to every clandestine and illicit offer that was made to the author by the Irish and Italian Mobs of Southie in real life. Those offers for criminal involvement were substantial and even included an offer to kill a man for Tom. If you have read Tom’s memoir, titled “The Constant Outsider” you’ll recognize the parallel universes, and you’ll see how a just few different decisions in life can, and will, change everything.

 Note: “67 Cents: Creation of a South Boston Killer” contains very strong language and graphically violent situations. It is not suitable for younger or sensitive readers.

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Contributor: Thomas M. Cirignano

Company: The Constant Outsider

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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