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Why Boxed Flowers are a Great Gift for your Other Half on Valentines Day

There are almost too many Valentines gifts out there to choose from- and yet we still struggle every year to choose them. Whether you are ready to lavish your partner with a number of gifts or if you are saving up for one big, special present, it’s always a challenge to come up with ideas. From jewellery to chocolate, new clothes to a bottle of champagne, it can seem like an impossible task at times. Your partner may be extremely picky (think Rachel from “Friends”) or you may simply be short on ideas. You certainly aren’t the first, and you definitely won’t be the last. It’s a struggle all men have to go through, and none of us like it. Unfortunately, it has to be done- your partner would rather a terrible present than no present at all!

Luckily for you, we’ve got just the idea for you. No, it’s not a box of Lindors. It’s not a Pandora ring, or even a regular bunch of flowers. Oh no, we’ve got a much better idea than that- boxed flowers. What are boxed flowers, you ask? Don’t worry, we’ll explain all that. We’ll go into great detail about why these are better than your average flowers, where to buy them and why they’ll make the perfect gift this Valentines Day. Here’s everything you need to know about why boxed flowers are the perfect gift for your other half this Valentines Day. Stayed tuned, it’s a long one.

So, you’re probably wondering what the actual difference between boxed flowers and regular flowers? Well, let’s start with the common bagged flowers you can buy in supermarkets. These are a really considerate gift and are often the cheapest of all the flowers you can buy. However, the disadvantage to buying these kinds of flowers are the amount of time that they last. Flowers you buy from the supermarket are usually cut- in that they’ve obviously been taken out of the ground and have stopped growing. This means that they only tend to last a week after they’ve been bought. Even if you trim them regularly and keep them in fresh water throughout their life, the longest they’ll last is around 2 weeks. Let’s be honest, girls want flowers that will last them as long as possible, and supermarket flowers just don’t do the job.

So what’s the difference between these kinds of flowers and boxed flowers? Well first of all, these flowers are arranged in a very original fashion. Rather than being presented in a bouquet, they are arranged in either a container, ceramic, vase, basket or box. These flowers are able to last a lot longer than regular bouquets because of a very simple feature; a foam base which is situated underneath the flowers at the bottom of the box. This is specially designed to hold water, and helps the flowers stay fresh for much longer.

This foam doesn’t just hold water, though. It’s what allows the people who design the boxes to position the flowers in such an attractive manner, forming part of the reason these flowers act as such a perfect gift for your other half- but we’ll discuss that more later.

These flowers, once in position, are able to take water from the foam they sit in. This is because the foam is specially designed to hold water for an extended period of time. This more or less acts as a replacement for soil, so the flowers almost feel as if they are still living and haven’t actually been removed from the ground. It feels natural to them, especially as a lot of greenery is added to the foam to recreate the soil-like atmosphere. This offers a lot of benefits. First of all, your partner won’t have to spend nearly as much time taking care of the plants. They only need watered around every 5 days, and they can therefore be left to their own business for the majority of the week. This means a lot less effort is necessary on you and your other half’s part, and you can instead spend more time admiring the flowers for what they were bought for in the first place- their physical look.

It also means that the flowers will look and feel a lot more natural for a longer period of time. Rather than plastic flowers, which look fake because they are, or supermarket flowers which will start to die after just over a week, boxed flowers will stay fresh for an extended period of time. This means that not only will they be a great present, they’ll also serve as a long term decoration in you or your partner’s home (or both of your home). This will make them a much more worthy purchase when you’re thinking about the long term benefits.

You also won’t have to worry about purchasing a vase. This usually just adds extra money to the funds you’ve already dished out on your flowers, and with boxed flowers you won’t have to worry about that. We know that a nice vase does look really nice, but boxed flowers look just as nice and take away the need for an extra purchase from your local store. Boxed flowers save you money and act as a brilliant present- an absolute win-win situation.

So aside from the main physical benefits, what are the other benefits to flowers in a box? Well one of these reasons is definitely the fact that they can be arranged in any way you want. They are usually arranged by a special florist who come up with their own design, and these are very delicately put together to form a beautiful look. Lots of different types of flowers can be put in together to form stunning colour sequences, and florists know just how to do this to form the best products. As it’s roundabout Valentines Day that you’re looking for your boxed flowers, a lot of Valentines related boxes will be available, and you’ll have a great time selecting what ones you think you’re partner will love the most. However, as these boxes of flowers are put together by hand, you could also have the opportunity to design your own. If you go and see a florist who is willing to take your design into account, you could even make your own personalised box of flowers just in time for Valentines Day. You could have the shape of a love heart or even have the flowers arranged in a way that they spell out a romantic message: that’s the beauty of boxed flowers- you can have them arranged in whatever way you want.

What are other benefits that boxed flowers can bring? Well, next on our list is the element of decoration that they bring to wherever you’ll put them. Flowers in general offer great decoration in any room in your home, and boxed flowers just take it to a new level. The boxes they come in are often pretty big, and can actually become a mainstay of your home because of the amount of time they last. You could place them on a windowsill, on a big shelf, on a table in the centre of a room or simply somewhere eye-catching anywhere in the house. It’s probably best that you put them somewhere very visible to people both inside and outside your house- that way your partner can constantly admire them and remember what a great present you gave them, and outsiders will look in and be jealous of the loving relationship you two have together. Boxes of flowers really add to the aesthetic look of a home.

Boxes of flowers can also provide a physical symbol of the love you and your other half have. It may seem a bit cringey but let’s be honest; girls love cute messages and these flowers give you the perfect opportunity to send them one. Whether it’s through a message written in flower-made letters or a box made up of your partner’s favourite flowers, it really gives you a great chance to showcase how much you want to put into the relationship. These flowers could end up being more than just a simple Valentines gift, and could prove to be the catalyst for your relationship to take the plunge into the next stages.

You can also get boxed flowers delivered to different locations. We all know that, no matter how beautiful our partners are, it can be a little embarrassing carrying a bunch of flowers through a busy street. We know it’s for the greater good, but it’s still something we’d like to avoid if we can. Boxed flowers allow you to do just that. As you need to order them in advance usually, especially if you’re buying custom made flowers, you’ll need to set an address for them to be delivered to. Do you want to surprise your other half at the office? Or send them to your home for a time directly before you arrive home, allowing her to have the element of surprise before you arrive and get to bask in your glory. It’s all about what you think the best option is for your partner’s Valentines and what you think they’ll enjoy the most, so make sure you choose wisely!

Flowers are also known to help raise the mood of everyone who comes into contact with them. They can also help counteract the symptoms of a lot of mental health issues. This means that not only do flowers act as a great present overall, but they can also help raise the mood of your partner continually throughout the day. Flowers have been shown to help people feel less anxious, to help with sleeping patterns, and improving memory. This is because of their beautiful look, their lovely smells and the fumes they let off; they’re all-round brilliant. Boxed flowers really are a brilliant gift both visually and mentally, and because they last so long your partner will be able to reap the benefits they bring for months to come.

Boxed flowers are also a great gift simply due to the fact that flowers are a traditional Valentines gift. They have been a mainstay in gifts packages for years, and a lot of girls actually feel as though Valentines Day is incomplete without them. They’ll really boost your presents overall, even if they aren’t the only gift you’re sending, and will satisfy the wants of your other half. We aren’t sure we’ve ever met anyone that doesn’t like receiving flowers (unless they have hay-fever) and you can’t go wrong.

This leads us to our next point; they’re a really safe option. We talked earlier about the number of gifts that are available out there, and that leads to the unfortunate fact that you could go very wrong with your present. If your relationship is still in its early stages, you need to make sure you get your present right- and that’s why boxed flowers are such a great choice. Noone can complain at flowers as they’re simple and yet very effective, and boxed flowers will remind your partner for months to come at how good your present was.

Boxed flowers can, however, cost a decent bit more than ordinary flowers. This is because of the time florists and designers have to put into organising the boxes and getting them shipped out. However, this isn’t all bad- it should actually make you more organised. Due to the fact that you have to give plenty of notice to the florist as to when you want your box made up by, it’ll mean you’re way ahead of schedule with your gift. There will be no rushing about with last minute gifts this year, and you’ll be much more relaxed in the buildup to Valentines Day safe in the knowledge that your present is all sorted.

There’s no better feeling than rocking up on the day that it finally matters and handing over a present that you’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into. Boxed flowers offer you a perfect opportunity to do this, and this isn’t the only positive. Your other half will absolutely love them, whether it be due to the personalised message or the beautiful flowers (or both) and the time they last will make them well worth the money. They should definitely be one of your possible presents for your next Valentines Day with your loved one.

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