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20 Fab Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Wow Him (2019)

Step up from the so-so gifts of yesteryears to spellbinding gifts this year’s Valentine that will undoubtedly convey your undying love for him.

As Valentine’s Day edges closer, it is customary to experience an overwhelming sense of adulation for your amazing significant other. You resolve to make it his best yet. But then you get around to finding the perfect valentine’s gift, and you suddenly lose all confidence you had effortlessly racked up.

You could take the easy way out and get an archetypal Valentine’s Day gift for guys—stuffed animals or roses. We’re not judging, but if you do want to take things a notch higher to evoke that big, wide smile that makes you all fluttery and is so satisfying; you may have to do better.

Fortunately, you do not have to go on a soul-sapping search until you are blue in the face. Rather, check through our carefully curated list to unearth the best valentine gifts for him.

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#1 (Game Night Ready)™ Collections

Seven upgraded ready-to-play editions of popular hobby board games, in a box or duffel bag.

The Fourth Place is a small startup, creating spaces where geeks to feel at home, and everyone is welcome to play with our cool toys.

Contributor: Ian Struckhoff from The Fourth Place

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    For anyone interested in what we offer, we’re running a board game “Shelf of Shame” giveaway right now!

#2 Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle is a unique Valentine’s Day gift for guys who love to travel and live an active lifestyle. Manufactured with high-quality BPA free silicone, this unique reusable water bottle is strong enough to carry water without leakage and comfortable to hold while drinking. 

The most innovative feature of this portable bottle is that it can roll-up or collapse flat, making it easy to pack without occupying much space. Moreover, it is freezable, dishwasher safe and can handle any drink at any temperature without breaking a sweat. As an added bonus, Nomader bottles are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Contributor: Bryan Sarlitt from Nomader, Inc.

#3 Keeping Romance Alive by Kara Emerson Chapman

Are you seeking the secrets to lasting love and intimacy in a committed relationship? 

Do you want to bring passion to your love life? 

Can you save your relationship? 

Keeping Romance Alive delivers the secrets to emotional fulfillment and a successful relationship. 

Men and women sometimes have divergent wants and needs. This handy book teaches you and your partner proven techniques to grow closer in your relationship, and maintain passionate love and intimacy in your marriage or partnership. 

Contributor: Dan De Figio from Getting Fit

#6 Welly Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bamboo Water Bottle

Welly is a sustainable bottle brand for the guy in your life who is a socially conscious traveler. The bottle is double-walled, keeping drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, and every bottle comes with an infuser to infuse tea, coffee, or fruit on the go. The best part is, for every bottle purchased $1 is donated to clean water projects around the world.

Contributor: Ben Kander from Welly Bottle

#7 Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Brush Cleaner Set

This bristle and wire-free grill cleaner is the safest and most effective way to remove the grease and grime from your grill. The Q-Swiper is loaded with features to help clean grill grates easier, too! The moist, food-safe, tough cleaning wipes that you put on the Q-Swiper grill brush will swipe away and absorb grease from cooking surfaces while the powerful omnidirectional 3D cleaning nodules help swipe away tough grill grime. 

Built into the Q-Swiper grill brush handle is a stainless-steel scraper to help remove burnt-on food. The scraper has handy side grooves to help clean between the grates as well. 

Contributor: Tabitha Ziegmann from Orca Communications

#8 Murble Game 9 Ball Set

Murbles will last a life time and provide a life time of fun. Bowls or lawn bowling has been around for over 5,000 years. It’s time for a modern American made personalized version of the game. It’s time for Murbles, a modern family friendly outdoor game made with durable hi-density poly-plastic. All ball diameters are just 3 inches and they weigh about 1/2 pound each. Murbles are sized right for smaller hands and older shoulders. 

Murbles requires no special skills, court or physical abilities so it’s a great game for players of all ages. You can play Murbles almost anywhere. Game rules are printed on the back of each bag. Simply dump the Murbles out of the canvas tote bag and it’s “Game On.” 

Playing Murbles is the perfect way to engage with your children and get them physically active outside while sharing quality family time in the process. Murbles are perfect for camping, tailgating, family reunions, picnics or just hanging out in the backyard. 

Contributor: Murray Kramer from Murble Game

#9 GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock

With Valentine’s Day coming up, all the stores are stocked with balloons, stuffed animals and of course, chocolate. But what does the man in your life really want? If your guy works with tools, MICROJIG’s GRR-RIPPER is a gift he’ll LOVE.

MICROJIG is the leader in table saw accessories, and the company’s original product, the GRR-RIPPER, would be the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day gift guide. The GRR-RIPPER is a pushblock that gives users control, protects their hands and protects against dangerous kickback while they use a table saw.

Contributor: MICROJIG 

#13 Men’s Tall Tags

The Men's Tall Tags Necklace features a handmade fine silver charm that can be personalized on the front and back with names, dates, and special words. 

Each charm fits up to 11 characters and is approx. 1 1/4 inch long. The tags are texturized and aged to give them a modern, edgy look. Choose from leather cord or the classic ball chain to finish off the look.

Contributor: Shannah Henderson from Isabelle Grace Jewelry

#15 Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot

The Giddel would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the busy-bee in your life, someone who is always on-the-go and doesn’t have time to come home after a long day to get on their hands and knees to clean a gross toilet. The Giddel is an advanced technology robot that features a memory-touch telescopic arm to fit in any shaped toilet around a home. 

All you have to do is take Giddel out of its charging station, insert it into the mounting bracket and press the start button. Five minutes later, your toilet is sparkling clean. Altan Robotech is on a mission to free up time, so your readers can spend it with the people they love. With Giddel, you can strike toilet cleaning off your to-do list!

Contributor: Mina Bassalious from Altan Robotech

#16 Gear Beast Universal Cell Phone Lanyard

Valentine’s Day is so much more than giving flowers and a card. It’s become an opportunity to show the people you love you care about their everyday needs. It can be difficult to select a gift for someone that already has everything, especially something that they’ll really use. With Gear Beast’s new Valentines Smartphone Lanyards you can give the gift of peace of mind, as your loved one will never lose or misplace their phone again. Concerts, festivals, hiking, the smartphone lanyard has you covered.

Contributor: Maria Bjorklund from Blaze PR

#17 On This Date In Music by Michael Walter

On This Date In Music is a book with a daily story about a significant event that happened in the world of music on each date. Stories range from Edison patenting the phonograph in the late 1800’s to Pharrell Williams’ incredible ten week run at #1 in 2014 with his uplifting song “Happy.” Each story is told in approximately 800 words aimed at being concise and interesting. This is the perfect compendium for any music lover and can be used as a reference book or for a daily dose of compelling tales of tunes we all love and bands we all follow. 

Contributor: Mike Walter from Elite Entertainment

#18 Activated Charcoal Clay Masque

This mask is what you need if you have oily skin, blackheads, and large pores. It deep cleans your pores and draws out impurities. This clay masque is the best product to use because it only takes a day or 2 in a week to see amazing results! The activated charcoal will take out huge amounts of dirt oils that are found in other nasty stuff within the skin. Since the charcoal absorbs all the toxins, the skin won't reabsorb the bad stuff while the mask is on. 

Contributor: Daisy Jing from Banish 

#19 PlantFusion Complete Plant Based Protein Powder

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and free of major allergens (dairy, soy, rice, eggs, nuts, fish, tree nuts, shellfish, artificial flavors, and colors) 


  • Sustains Energy: packed with 21g of plant-based proteins including peas, artichokes, algae, and organic superfoods 
  • Builds and Repairs Muscle: amino acid infused protein blend for complete balance; the only plant protein that compares to animal proteins like whey 
  • Easy to Digest: fortified with digestive enzymes 

Contributor: Lauren Nelson from Stanton & Company

#20 Men’s Automatic Walnut Wooden Watch

This automatic wooden walnut watch is just what you need if you’re looking for exceptional reliability and astounding style. This watch is handcrafted with the finest quality of walnut wood. Furthermore, once you start wearing your walnut watch, your skin’s natural oils gradually blend in the wood, furthering its uniqueness. Over time, the fine wood texture and color changes slightly, becoming enriched and glamorous with age. 

The benefits of wearing this wooden watch every day include perceptible comfort due to its considerable lightness. Since wood is not subject to thermal variations in the same way that metal is, this watch is extremely durable and long-lasting. As for the eco-friendly component, special attention has been paid to this aspect – the raw material comes from a sustainable forest, thus reducing the carbon footprint. The movement is automatic and doesn’t require the use of batteries – the self-winding mechanism gives it power for 36 hours. 

You don’t have to worry about the fit because there is a double fold clasp fitted onto the band so you can adjust the length each time you wear it. 

Contributor: Lawrence from Wilds Wood 

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Written by Ben Skute