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Want a Viking Themed Event? What to Include to Make It Authentic

For any upcoming events, planning and organizing is the most tedious process that involves various things: the event’s purpose, format, budget, venue, audience, and the like. Every segment of planning, organizing, and execution requires fulfilled responsibilities and cooperation from the event planners. Events can either be simple or grand depending on your choice, though simple ones are more cost-efficient since they may not require an event planner.

When planning an event, choosing a theme can be a highly creative choice. A Viking-themed event, in particular, is a good idea for recreating the lives of these Scandinavian settlers, raiders, and traders into your own party. Whether you’re still considering to have this party theme or are already planning for one, here are ideas and items to include in your party to make it look and feel authentic:

Barbaric Dining Pieces

The Viking community are known for being barbaric and fierce. Nevertheless, you can still incorporate this theme into your own dining and cutlery with a touch of elegance. Instead of using simple plates, utensils, and containers, why not add a hint of the Vikings’ personalities?

It’s essential to take note that during the Viking era, civilizations have yet to be developed. Glasswares and metalwares are particularly limited for weapons and hunting purposes. People make use of materials that can be easily accessed from their surroundings. Hence, the most used materials can be made out from trees, plants, and animals.

Feel like a real Viking whenever you take a big gulp on your cup, with a high quality Viking drinking horn instead of your basic wine glass. You can choose from a wide variety of drinking horns depending on its purpose and, to make it more special, you can have it personalized. Since Vikings are people who love to eat big food pieces, you can spice up ceramic white plates into something different by instead using wooden chopping boards, saucers, and bowls for a twist.

Wild Costumes and Party Hats

What could be better than dressing up like a Viking in a Viking-themed party? Take a big step out of your wardrobe and create your own Viking costume using inexpensive and simple materials. Using your creativity to build these pieces together, you can make a costume fashioned out of faux leather, wool and furs, thick cloths, and tiny embellishments.

Make sure to provide your guests party hats upon their entrance. As an alternative to the boring, triangular paper hats, try something even wilder like horned Viking helmets. You can use light materials like cardboard and newspaper to create the base of your helmets, define the shape, and add the necessary features such as the horns and furs, and paint them gold or silver.

Dragon Invitations

One of the most exciting parts of the planning is choosing the impressive people to join this special event with you. To let them know that they can be a part of the Viking feast, send them interesting invitations made out of stationery. Use parchment papers for the invitation to make it look old-fashioned. You can even burn some corners of the paper to add to the look.

To make it more engaging, print and cut dragons of different colors, sizes, and abilities, just like the dragons from the movie series How to Train Your Dragon. Tell your guests to bring their own dragon, which is provided in the invitation, as their entrance pass. Exciting, isn’t it?

Viking-Themed Dishes and Treats

Going to the most exciting part of the party itself, trying out some Viking-themed food is the best. There’s a long array of meals and treats that you can present to your guests that look ravishing and mouth-watering. You can find some of the best and creative recipes online to guide you in preparing and cooking.

For appetizers and small treats, you can make these:

  • Pizza ships
  • Helmet burgers and sandwiches
  • Viking cookies
  • Viking bread
  • Springtime fritters

There are heavy meals made out of meat and vegetables such as:

  • Smoked fish
  • Chicken stew with beer
  • Honey-glazed root vegetables
  • Boiled lambsquarters
  • The Viking Family’s Porridge

You can also try alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages like:

  • Viking blood
  • Screaming Viking
  • Screaming Blue Viking
  • Viking Warmer
  • Skyr


There is no limit to your creativity and imagination as you can definitely try out these ideas, make your own, or combine them to make it even more exciting. There are multiple party ideas and concepts you can find on the internet with a mere touch of a button. You can look for a spacious venue, put up some decorations, arrange the program proper, find great food services, and your party is good to go. However, nothing can make it more special than using a theme that you truly enjoy, and making the most out of it by recreating that fantasy into real life.

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