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5 Essential Services To Hire When Planning An Event

Planning an event? If you’re one of those people who often end up losing important contacts and forget things while on the go, you should consider writing down a to-do list for the entire event – before, during and after. It’ll help you keep everything in mind while booking and putting together the services. But what should you write in the list? Regardless of the kind of event that is taking place, there are certain essential services that everyone must hire for the particular day. Keep reading to know more about these services through the guide below.

1. Adequate furniture

Make sure that you hire a furniture rental company to rent out appropriate furniture to you for your event. These rental companies also offer the service to drop the furniture at the venue and pick it up after the event is over. They also provide you with great suggestions on the kind of furniture to hire based on the event that you are putting together. Make sure to not drive all the way to get the furniture; let the professionals handle the transportation. They have adequate equipment to handle the furniture, especially if it is delicate. After all, damage to the furniture can cost you extra.

2. Music at an event is a must

Music adds life to any event; it is a must for any ceremony or celebration that you are planning and going to be a part of. Professional DJs are available for almost every occasion nowadays, it is a booming business after all. Any occasion or event you name, you can hire a professional for the particular ceremony. You can hire them for specific occasions too; for instance, there are numerous bar mitzvah DJ, wedding ceremony DJ, and more for hire. You can also have them add in specific songs as per your request.

3. Cleaning crew

Cleaning crews are mostly hired for their service after the event is over. They come over to the event venue once it has been cleared out and they set to work. They make use of professional industry-grade cleaning supplies. These professional supplies help in cleaning the venue better; hence, it is better to hire these services. Often the venue needs to be cleared out fully, that is, even the furniture and extra decor have to be taken out for them to clean without any hindrance. Make sure to talk to the crew about the requirements before calling them.

If you’re renting out a venue which is a part of an event management company, it is likely that you would get the crew anyway.

4. Entertainment

Many times, an event can get monotonous and lifeless. At times like these, entertainers can help. Professional emcees can help in keeping the party alive. Live bands also interact with the crowd regularly by taking in their requests or by talking to them. For instance, a country band for hire would definitely talk in between a few songs to keep the party going.

5. Medical kit

An emergency medical kit is a must for any event. You could buy readymade medical kits, instead of curating one on your own, so that you can rest assured that you haven’t missed out on anything important in the kit. Make sure you have ample quantity in it to tend to at least a few people in case of an emergency.

Managing and putting together an event is not easy. However, with some planning ahead of time and pre-booking, you can ensure a hassle-free event.

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