7 Things You Should Be WAY More Afraid of Than You Are

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#1 Nuclear War

During the last few months, people have stressed the idea of a nuclear war with North Korea. However, many people don't understand the gravity of such a war.

Most people think, "Oh, just a few thousand people will die."

In reality, it is much, much worse. According to What If? HQ, many people think just 100,000 people would die. In reality, it is a lot more. Just one bomb from North Korea to San Francisco would kill over 150,000 people, and injure 300,000 more, according to NukeMap This is just a single missile, and in a Nuclear War, there would be significantly more missiles. The casualties on both sides would most likely exceed the millions.

#2 Flu

As surprising as that may sound, the flu is actually extremely scary. The reason is, there's no cure. When you hear the words, "No cure," you probably think of cancer, HIV, or even Alzheimer. However, the flu also has no cure.

The reason is, each strand of flu is different, and there so many strands, so finding a cure for just one strand would be a waste of time. Instead, medicine like Tami-flu focuses on suppressing symptoms and fever. However, the flu is still one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. World Atlas list the Spanish Flu Epidemic as the fourth worst epidemic in history, beat only by HIV, the Justinian Plague, and the Black Plague.

#3 DNA Editing

When most people think of this, they think: "Oh, DNA editing will make our life sooo much easier! I can grow muscles without working out!" First off, that's not how DNA editing works. You can't grow muscles by changing your DNA. However, DNA editing brings many more scary things. For one, when you have your DNA edited, you are placing your lives in the hands of the operator.

Sure, this is true with surgery, but with DNA editing, you are taking it to a whole other level. One nano-meter of error could kill you. Furthermore, scientist aren't 100%, or even 90% sure of what each DNA strand does. Like code, if you change one strand (or code), your entire DNA could fail. And there is no undo or CTRL + Z.

#4 Box Jellyfish

You have probably heard that Box Jellyfish are dangerous. However, they are probably more dangerous than you think. There are see-through and practically invisible. Just touching the tentacles could kill you! The toxin can give you a heart attack if not treated quickly. Watch out in the ocean!

#5 Asbestos

According to Asbestos Nation, Asbestos is everywhere. It was considered a miracle material in the 1900's, and nearly everything was built with it. It was where people started getting cancer that they realized asbestos was one of the causes. However, it was impossible to get every piece of asbestos used. Many houses still have asbestos gloves, pads, or insulation. In fact, some science classes still use asbestos pads at school! Because asbestos is everywhere, exposure rates are still quite high. Since asbestos is very hard to destroy, it can cling to your lungs and slowly kill you.

#6 Divorce

This one is about children. Having divorced parent can be horrible, especially if your divorced parents hate each other. Beyond the legal troubles, having to choose one parent over another also bring difficulties. Parents are role models, and role models influence a child's character. Having only one role model means having a less diverse character.  According to Quora, divorce gets harder as a child get older.

#7 Asteroid(s)

Another doomsday scenario. In 2018, an asteroid nearly hit Earth. Had it hit, it would have killed at least 3000+ people. And that one was only ~100 feet wide. Had it been 5, or even 1 KM, the death toll might have exceeded 1 million.

According to What If? HQ, had it been 10 - 50 KM, it might have wiped out the population, as it did with the dinosaurs. Not only would it destroy lots of infrastructures, it would also kill off crops and pollute the atmosphere with dust. This would block out the sun and make the Earth feel like an oven.

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Written by Jason