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Inspiration: 13 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mothers

If your mom is anything like mine, she’s always putting other people first. Here are 13 different gifts you could give to your mom to remind her how special and important she is.

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#1 The Button

Families can give Mom the gift of simplicity this with Fibaro's HomeKit-enabled multi-controller, called 'The Button'. 

The Button is a small, HomeKit-enabled wireless control device that is super intuitive for anyone to use as a simple scene controller for other HomeKit-enabled devices. Mom can use the Button to trigger actions and scenes locally around the house. For example, she can trigger her morning scene with three clicks of the button to turn on the coffee pot, turn on lights in the children's' rooms, and power up the television to catch up on the morning news.

Contributor: Megan Carvalho from

#2 My Other Mug is a Wine Glass

Most moms need a cup of coffee once or three times a day or maybe their favorite glass of wine. This “My Other Mug is a Wine Glass” coffee mug is perfect for coffee and wine lovers alike!

Contributor: Sasha Willis from Creations By Sasha

#3 Eternal Roses NY

Real roses in beautiful, vibrant colors are always the perfect gifts - for birthdays, anniversaries or just to remind Mom how much you love her. Even better - Eternal Roses NY remain fresh for 3 years with zero maintenance, no watering, and totally worry-free. Display anywhere and enjoy beauty that lasts.

Contributor: Joseph Pastrana from

#4 Random Act of Kindness Kit

A simple act of kindness has the power to change someone's day, week or even life. Every act of kindness creates a ripple effect that spreads from person to person with no end in sight. Each act of kindness can inspire another act of kindness and another and the impact becomes a kinder world. 

We have created an innovative formula to help people jump-start their own ripple effects of kindness through our award-winning Random Act of Kindness Kits.

Contributor: Jesse Weinberg from

#5 The Ultimate New Mom's Cookbook

The Ultimate New Mom’s Cookbook is a one-stop shop to feed the family from the first day of your pregnancy to those tricky toddler years. With 80+ recipes, all vetted by a nutritionist, as well as easy-to-digest nutritional information for each stage, this cookbook is a must-have resource for moms-to-be. Brimming with wholesome, satisfying recipes that can be enjoyed by both infants and adults, this book eases your transition into parenthood and sets the foundation for your child to be a healthy and adventurous eater right from the start.

Contributor: Aurora Satler from

#9 Pamper Mom & Her Skin

Help Mom soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles around her eyes. Using advanced anti-aging, nutraceutical technology, NovaCell is formulated with Mung Bean stem cell extract, peptides and antioxidants. What Mom wouldn't like to diminish the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet around her eyes? 

Yes, wrinkles can be viewed as earned badges of honor, a sign she has lived and laughed, but doesn't Mom want to appear youthful, healthy and well-rested? Show Mom you care about her health and overall well-being with this deeply nourishing, skin smoothing eye balm formulated WITHOUT parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or colors AND the balm is 100% cruelty-free! 

Contributor: Katie Rose Cronin from

#10 The Bamboo Footie Blanket

4 words. BUILT IN FOOT POCKET. The cozy foot pocket provides added comfort when hanging when lounging around the house or while traveling. 100% Viscose from bamboo means while Mom is slipping into cozy-town, she is also being eco-friendly!

Contributor: Katie Rose Cronin from

#12 Tess and Tricia Jewellery

Tess and Tricia are a Mother/Daughter duo have captivated hearts with their jewelry and mission. Each jewelry piece is handcrafted from raw cut stones, hammered metals, and ethically sourced antler tips. Each and every piece serves as the perfect sentimental yet stunning gift for any Mom!

Contributor: Veronica Gordo from

#13 100 Ways to Be in Joy

How can I have more Joy in my life? This book answers that question with 100 beautiful full-color digital paintings and 100 matching suggestions for ways to be in joy. Supplemented by quotes from Transformational Coach and author Halle Eavelyn, 100 Ways To Be In Joy is the perfect gift, because it will make the receiver happy! 

Contributor: Tracey Sodt from

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