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Top 3 Male Fitness Influencers On The ‘Gram

Everyone is on social media these days. With around 2.62 billion social media users around the world, each platform allows people and brands to develop their own online personas and help them to attract a large following by posting meaningful content.

Although Facebook is the most popular platform of them all, influencers have really made its sister platform, Instagram, their playing ground. In this article, men’s shirts retailer, QUIZ MAN, take a look at some athletic influencers on Instagram that you should be following and analyse their accounts.

Are you following Mageesy?

If you’re looking for the ultimate fitness-inspo, this is your guy. With just 31,000 followers, the Irish fitness guru was formerly a personal trainer and now is an international yoga teacher – allowing his audience to practice with him online and ensure that they’re in the best mindset possible.

What’s most admirable about this influencer is that he does a lot of charity work. On International Yoga Day, he assisted the Yoga For Refugees event and shared his expertise with those in need. So this can be inspiring for all the new influencers. It’s not always necessary to hire a third party or Instagram bot to reach on the top but with good content followers count generally increases.

Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 400 Posts
  • 376 Average Likes
  • 1.29% Engagement Rate

Are you following Coach_Clem?

Although Clem only has a small amount of followers, he definitely is a growing account to watch. A lot of his posts are with his friends, which makes anyone looking for inspiration feel part of his club.

He also created a programme with Core Collective which means that you only pay for what you need and gain access to consultation so you know you’re working in the right direction!

Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 400 Posts
  • 214 Average Likes
  • 3.22% Engagement Rate

Are you following TheBodyCoach?

Everyone who is into fitness is following Joe Wicks. With eight healthy eating cookbooks under his sleeve, Joe usually posts body transformation pics of his clients and of course healthy food!

Are you familiar with the brand Gousto? Well this influencer has worked with them to you with the best recipes! Aside from this, with his own rightful success, he’s been able to launch his own supplement range that has had rave reviews!

Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 2.5 Million Followers
  • 9,000+ Posts
  • 25,642 Average Likes
  • 1.07% Engagement Rate

*Influencer analysis data depended on business/personal account settings.


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