The 4 Year Plan – A Must Read For College-Bound Kids And Parents

The 4 Year Plan aims to encourage all parents to understand the importance of planning adequality and ahead of time to get the best possible college place when the big day finally arrives.

No matter what year your child is currently in, Neha believes you can never begin planning this process too early, and that approaching it ahead of time ensures a more calm parent, as well as a satisfied college kid.

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This is the type of book which I feel many parents, and indeed their children, who have already passed this stage will wish they’d have had access to when they approached their own college years!

The 4 Year Plan explores those areas that many of us will not even think about looking into during the actual college process, let alone before. This is often because this is one area of life where we don’t always have as much detailed and essential information to hand to help guide us.

The 4 Year Plan, therefore, covers the many grey areas of applying for college, but does it through a step-by-step process which prevents it from becoming too overwhelming – which is often how a considerable proportion of parents and children feel when the subject rears its head!

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Perhaps what I wasn’t expecting from his book, but which certainly impressed me, was how Neha thoroughly believes in encouraging children themselves to make an effort, taking pride in their college journey. Rather than aiming her guidance solely at the parents, she actively promotes potential college students themselves to take part in the application process.

I loved, and may have had a little giggle at, the personalities of moms and personalities of students section, which I feel Neha nailed perfectly!

Beginning in 9th Grade and working all the way through to the 12th, each section is broken down from September to April and offers as much practical, but accessible guidance, as you could hope for.

One thing’s for sure; I can’t name off the top of my head a book which encourages both students and parents to begin the college application at such an early stage. However, this unique concept is what makes this book a winning read in my opinion.

I’m all for encouraging people to make the best of themselves in this life and, if that means starting young, The 4 Year Plan should only increase a child’s inner confidence while encouraging them to aim as high as they possibly can.

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Written by Marina