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7 Ways To Boost Your Team’s Efficiency

In any workplace, it is necessary to boost your team’s efficiency and performance. Reaching goals and keeping up a positive atmosphere are essential if you want your team to succeed. It is also important to make good use of all the resources available to you so that the project can be done smoothly.

Did you know that 1-12% of all resources get wasted due to a lack of proper management? If you want to enhance your team’s efficiency, here are some tips for you!

1. Hire a proper team

The right kind of people and the right environment can do wonders for your project. This is why you, being the team leader, need to identify and hire people who will be passionate about the project and the company.

No matter how much you try, if a person is already demotivated from the beginning, nothing can be done. Surround yourself with employees who are willing to work hard and give in their best!

2. Lead your team well

Only having a diverse team is not enough. Every good team needs an equally good leader who will understand and lead them the right way. This is exactly your job. You have to lead your team with gratitude and respect.

Instead of dumping all the work on your teammates, try to share the load with them and make yourself approachable. You’ll see what a huge difference a little bit of gratitude can make.

For example, if your team has done especially well or has worked really hard for an entire week, give them small gifts or tokens of appreciation.

3. Use the right tools

Using the correct project management tools can turn your project around from almost nothing to everything!

Software like is a specialized project management system that syncs all the work together beautifully. You get a host of amazing features like resource scheduling, project planning and forecasting, capacity management, and timesheets.

You can easily stay updated with whatever work your team has been doing and make sure the progress is recorded in real-time. For any kind of inquiries, feel free to book a free demo with Runn.

4. Be authentic

Many people think being a group leader means being perfect but that is where they go wrong. Of course, you need to be the best version of yourself, but don’t forget to be authentic. Understand that it is completely fine to make mistakes.

Even team leaders tend to make errors and as long as you acknowledge your mistakes, everything will work out smoothly. Share your struggles and failures with the team to make them realize that failing is a part of learning.

5. Prioritize health

Haven’t we all grown up learning the phrase “Health is wealth”? Well, it’s true! You have to prioritize your employees’ well-being before anything else. Conduct regular temperature checks and make sure any unwell employee gets proper attention.

In the post-pandemic era, it has become even more necessary to take care of ourselves and maintain protocols. Ensure that everyone wears a mask, uses sanitiser and maintains social distancing as much as possible.

6. Clarify roles

One great way to boost your team’s efficiency is to set a specific role for each teammate. Unless you assign a particular job to each person, there will be utter chaos. See what each worker’s strengths and weaknesses are and give them a job they will be able to fulfil with ease.

This will not only boost their morale but also make the overall project go smoothly. Clarifying roles also prevents overlapping of work and makes communication easier.

7. Communicate effectively

This is an especially important point if you’re just starting with the project. You can send all the emails and documents you want to your teammates but if there’s no context, the entire thing will be useless.

Give a bit of background information about each email or message so that it’s easier for everyone to understand. Help them realize what their goals will be and how to accomplish them.

Over to you…

These are some great ways to boost your team’s efficiency and make sure everyone is on the same page. Remember, it’s okay to feel a little lost or confused at times when you’re working on a project.

All you have to do is maintain honest communication and keep records of your progress. You can easily track all your progress using tools like Runn. This will speed up the work too!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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