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How Digital Meetings Can Facilitate Familiarity And The Office-Space Environment

Prior to this year, the MissionMe team enjoyed an ideal work space that allowed for a creative space for collaboration.

The team’s home is the Greenhouse – boasting as both an innovation unit and testing laboratory. It is home to a plethora of startups and technologists with its mission to develop ideas for the media world of tomorrow, as well as create ideas and products that excite.

MissonMe has worked in facilitating employment for the tech community in Germany with the launch of two efficacious apps:  ‘Balloon’ – an audio-guided meditation app, and ‘Die Hirschhausen Diät’ – a motivation and coaching app for intermittent fasters. Both apps endorse mindfulness and leading the way towards finding a better self.

Together, MissonMe’s CEO Steffen Horstmannshoff, head of product Anna Wicher, and head of technology Jochen Kramer, have collaborated since 2018 to work on both projects. These projects crucially only focussed on allowing people to empower and help themselves – with self-improvement and wellbeing at the forefront of the projects’ conception.

Greenhouse has offered a creative space for the MissionMe team for several years now, allowing them to creatively collaborate. Prior to the pandemic, MissionMe had already seen a move from Microsoft 365 to Whereby when conducting digital, remote meetings. However, that being said, the way MissionMe use Whereby has since evolved and developed.

An open-door policy

The quick chats and run-ins with colleagues at the Greenhouse office space can be very beneficial to the team creativity for the MissionMe workers. The interactions can foster sustainable relationships built between peers, and allow for important downtime too. MissionMe refers to these interactions as spontaneous encounters, and has trusted on Whereby to assist in recreating these.

MissonMe has named each Whereby room after a different part of the physical office space. One of the rooms includes ‘The Kitchen’ which is open for the team’s colleagues to meet up and have brief chats together by the virtual background of the office’s fridge. These kinds of interactions are incredibly important to boost productivity. The downtime in having a small chat allows to facilitate healthy working relationships and mindfulness of the workers.

In order to overcome the difficulties of a lack of real-time interactions, the MissionMe team additionally makes sure to meet via Whereby several times a day through both morning and evening internal team meetings. By setting up this schedule, this helps to recreate a similar form of communication seen in the physical office environment and works to ensure that everyone is up to date on integral team matters.

Some of MissionMe’s most loved Whereby features are not limited to, but include:

  • Miro integration – This enables projects and tasks to be reviewed and discussed within particular video meeting rooms
  • Google Drive integration
  • Recording meetings – This allows for members to catch up if they are unable to join easily through a simple custom recording link
  • YouTube integration – Ability to watch YouTube videos together as a team
  • Getting together for BYOB social hours with the team

Accessible outreach for all team members

The single-click custom link, with no download or app required, makes joining digital meetings a lot easier for those who consider themselves to be a little unfamiliar with digital software. This is ideal when communicating for MissionMe wishes to communicate with its target audience, with the process being incredibly simple for users.

Whereby leading a new way forward for MissionMe

The MissionMe team is committed to embracing the positive changes that have accompanied a shift to digital work processes. Through the use of Whereby, the team has been able to recreate familiar office surroundings, like at the Greenhouse.

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