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Why Has Video Calling Become Crucial to More Businesses Than Ever?

For many of us, video conferencing became a way of life and a way of work during the coronavirus pandemic.

But even now that restrictions are lifting and life is beginning to go back to normal, video conferencing is very much still at the forefront of working life, which, along with the likes of podcasts for business and personal purposes, is skyrocketing in popularity and importance (source: 4DC). So why has video calling become such a crucial tool for businesses even without lockdown restrictions?

Here are five of the biggest reasons that video conferencing has become so crucial for businesses.

Time saving – One of the biggest advantages to video calling for businesses is the amount of time it can save staff. Instead of booking out an entire morning to go to a meeting with a client or supplier, now meetings can be taken from home or inside the office. The only time you need to block out is the time you need for the actual meeting. No travel, no delays, no getting back to the office. It’s simple, time saving, money saving and a lot less stressful.

Letting people work from home – Post pandemic many companies are beginning to transition their staff to permanently working from home or working part-time from home.

Many companies and employees realised during lockdown that working from home was the best thing for their business and the well-being of their staff, with some companies even investing in the bedding their staff enjoy, so much so that the likes of Hungarian goose down duvets have seen their popularity increase in the last few years. Now, video calling is allowing staff at home and in the office to communicate easily, as well as allowing meetings to happen without the need to be in the same office.

Video calling allows face-to-face communication without the need for staff in close proximity.

Improved quality of video calling – Another reason that has left the rise in online video calling for businesses is the improved quality of video calling services. Online platforms for video conferencing both paid for and free can offer an outstanding quality of audio and video for businesses. Without this improvement in technology there’s simply no way that video calling would have been able to take off the way that it has.

Connect around the world instantly – We live in a global community and our businesses are no different. So many of our clients, staff and suppliers are now separated by oceans. Video calling allows sleek and simple communication across the world. Connecting you to potential opportunities all over the globe. Before videoconferencing, reaching these opportunities would have made expensive and environmentally disastrous travel across the world on a regular basis. Now it’s easy for businesses to communicate with whoever they please from the comfort and convenience of their laptop.

Staying safe during the pandemic – Although lockdown restrictions are easing and we seem to be reaching A sense of normality when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic there is still some risk associated with large groups of people meeting face-to-face. For businesses, the well-being and health of employees is paramount. Not only do you want what is best for your staff but an outbreak of coronavirus could also be financially devastating to your business. Video conferencing means that business can continue as normal without having to risk close proximity with other members of staff or clients. Video calling also allows those who are clinically vulnerable to continue shielding while working as part of your team.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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