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Top 3 Weekend Getaway Destinations

Life isn’t just about conference calls and chasing sales opportunities. To make life worth living, spend it learning and doing what you enjoy, too. Traveling is a great chance to gain new experiences and meet fantastic people along the way. Every place has something wonderful to offer, whether you love art, testing your luck at a casino, or want to lounge around on a beach.

Three Weekend Trips Worth Checking Out

There are so many places you can go, even if you haven’t accumulated a whole load of off days. Now that the transportation system is so massive and complex, you can discover a fun city in the space of a weekend.

Las Vegas

It’s no wonder that Las Vegas tops this list. Vegas welcomed 42 million people in the year before the Covid-19 outbreak and has all the offerings that make up the weekend of a lifetime. While your thoughts might wander to nights filled with debauchery and partying, this place has so much more in store.

Obviously, you’ll want to stay right on the Strip. From here, you’ll be able to get around easily and visit the mega-casinos for some glamour and entertainment. If you’re a nature buff, simply rent a car and explore the national parks located right outside the city.

Artsy people will love Las Vegas, too. There’s an art district that’s full of chic bars and restaurants, not forgetting a vibrant collection of art galleries and theatres. Make sure you check out a hip farmer’s market downtown, where you can shop for food and quirky items. It’ll be pretty hard to fit everything into a weekend, but this fast-paced city will get you geared up for anything!

New York

New York City is as metropolitan as you can get. When this city attracts the cream of the crop from all corners of the world, that should come as no surprise. If you love good food, you’ll have a whale of a time. Choose from a whopping 457 Michelin-starred restaurants, or walk the streets of New York sampling yummy hotdogs and pizza.

A trip to New York must include a walk in the world-famous Central Park. From there, stop over at the American Museum of Natural History, where you’ll stand amongst the gigantic dinosaurs that walked the earth millions of years ago.

Navigating the transportation system in New York is an activity in and of itself. See how well you do with the subway lines and hailing a cab. By the time Sunday evening rolls by, you’ll be a champion, crossing intersections without breaking a sweat.

Los Angeles

Film and TV wouldn’t be the way they are today without Los Angeles and its inhabitants. Experience the glitz and glamour of Hollywood while sun-tanning on Venice Beach. With so many beautiful people around, you’ll be in for a treat in terms of eye candy. Looking to fit in some exercise? You won’t be alone. Swim, surf, run, cycle, or walk – and you might even find yourself in a group yoga session with a star.

Food is another major reason to make LA your next destination. Soak in the diversity of Latin and Italian cuisine, among others. Whether you’re a health-conscious vegetarian or a meat-loving foodie, you’ll find something to captivate your senses.

What’s a weekend without some culture thrown in? Reserve a day for Museum Row, although that might not come close to being enough. You’ll take in museum after museum, and go to work on Monday feeling like the most cultured person in your office.

An Unforgettable Weekend Awaits

What are you waiting for? Book your flight and hotel before you end up spending yet another boring weekend in your hometown.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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