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Casino Games That Geeks Love to Play Online

Besides video games, there are casino games such as Goldenslot that geeks love to play online. That’s because casino games can be challenging too and geeks love a challenge. Plus, some of these games are pretty close to video game titles which is what makes them even more attractive. Without further ado, here are some of those kinds of games:

Online Slots

The thing that makes slots popular with geeks is the fact that they’re damn close to video games. The first thing they notice is the visuals and there are lots of slots that are stunning visually. The mechanics are smooth as well. In addition to these 2 characteristics, slot games also present a challenge. Getting the right combination of symbols can be tricky and there are numerous strategies geeks can test out when playing these kinds of games.

There are lots of slot titles available at the best slot sites. Geeks love comic books and comic book movies and they can find lots of comic-themed slot titles to enjoy. Then again, they can also find plenty of adventure, horror, mystery, and other types of slots at these sites. The main thing to remember about visiting such sites and playing those kinds of games is to do so responsibly.


Similar to slots, there are several blackjack variants available online, and they’re all a challenge for geeks. The thing about this game is that you need to beat the dealer with your combination of cards. The trick is to get to as close to 21 as possible, but not to exceed this number. In the regular table game versions of these games, you play against a digital dealer, a computer, and beating it is satisfying.

In live-dealer variants the dealer is human. Thanks to various strategies geeks can lower the house of this game and increase their chances of winning. Also, blackjack challenges their minds to keep track of the cards that are dealt which makes this another game they enjoy playing. However, there are other players who would rather go for online poker sites in UAE, taking us to the next casino game on this list.

Video Poker

Games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering center around having better cards than your opponent and using them strategically. The same thing goes with any card game, including video poker. Geeks need to know when they have a strong hand and a losing one which prompts them to either fold or call and experience the final result.

In other words, video poker is another game that they like to play because it’s a challenge. You need to beat the dealer and/or the other players in the game. For this, geeks need to be familiar with all the hand combinations so they’ll know their chances when certain cards are dealt.


The thing with roulette is that it seems simple, but it’s far from it. As mentioned a couple of times before, geeks love a challenge and roulette is a challenging game. They can go into details about the probabilities of the ball landing on certain numbers and their chances of winning a certain bet.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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